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2020-2021 State Officer Team

Sebastian Zambrano

Cross Keys High School

Advisor: Calvin Grey

Sebastian Zambrano is a returning state officer from Cross Keys High School. Sebastian’s pathway of study is construction. Sebastian hopes to use the skills he gained from his past year as a state officer to lead this year’s state officer team to new successes.

Jackson Everingham

Troup County High School

Advisor: Amy Hicks

Jackson Everingham is a Senior from Troup County High School. Jackson’s Pathway of study is Graphic Communications. Jackson wants to inspire SkillsUSA Georgia members from all across the state to be leaders in their schools and local communities.

Ambuja Sharma

Cambridge High School

Advisor: Tim Hart

Ambuja Sharma is a Junior from Cambridge High School where she studies Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security. Ambuja hopes to use the skills she has gained from being a chapter leader at one of the largest chapters in Georgia to inspire and encourage members to grow their skills via the SkillsUSA Framework.

Joshua Abraham

Alliance Academy for Innovation

Advisor: Holly Scroggs

Joshua Abraham is a Senior from Alliance Academy for Innovation studying in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security pathway. Joshua hopes to use SkillsUSA to work towards his goal of one day becoming a lawyer specializing in constitutional law.

Emma Kubitschek

Union Grove High School

Advisor: Amanda McClure

Emma Kubitschek is a Senior at Union Grove High School where she studies in the Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security Pathway. Emma hopes to pursue a career in her pathway of study by becoming an FBI Special Agent. Emma believes that the SkillsUSA Framework will give her the skills she needs to obtain this goal.

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