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Contest Sessions


Are you interested and eager for advice, best practices, and information on how to prepare and be successful for SkillsUSA Georgia competitions? This year, workshops will be available to you (at no additional cost) that are led by expert SkillsUSA Georgia advisors.


These sessions will cover contests in each cluster area, and there will be time for a Q&A session where you can ask your most pressing questions regarding SkillsUSA contests. These sessions will be virtual, and if you cannot attend they will be posted here for you to review. Please see the dates and times below so that you can mark this opportunity on your calendar! 


Session: Architecture

Session: Construction

Session: Graphics

Password for Zoom Recording: h^dp9#ru



Session: Leadership
Password for Zoom Recording: pVQM0.yj


Session: Audio Visual 


Session: Transportation 

Password for Zoom Recording:  p&7j%P7r


Session: Public Safety 

Password for Zoom Recording:   #?ixnvv9 



Session: Cosmetology 

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