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AVTF Contest Submission

Audio/Radio Production

(Team of 2) Students will produce (plan, write, voice, record, edit and render) up to a three minute radio production such as a PSA, sound rich/NPR style news story or a sound and interview news story. A 60-second streaming radio infomercial and 30-second ad spot will be produced and inserted into the production. The complete production requires students to demonstrate their ability to plan a project that meets a specific prompt and run time; and to gather, edit and mix a variety of audio sources. Competitors must render their completed project to a specified audio file format.

Contest Facts at-a-glance

File Type:


Run Time:

Up to 3mins

# of Competitors:


Submission Instructions

Only a single entry should be submitted. Each entry should meet the following criteria:

Using computer graphics and titles, provide a slate at the beginning of the submission

Identify the school's name, contest category and the video title. 

Following the slate, add 10 seconds of black, followed by the music video, then add an additional 10 seconds of black to the end of the video.  The 20 seconds of black space will not be included in the timing of the video. 

All credits should be added to the end of the reel.

File Naming 

Please name your submitted files using the naming convention below. Failure to do this may complicate the judging/evaluation process.



Remember that all competitors must submit a resume. Resumes can be submitted using the link below. If students are competing in multiple contests, they should upload a resume for each contest they are registered for.

Please Select A Contest

You must select a contest above to continue.

Submissions Were Due on February 17

SkillsUSA Georgia will not be accepting late submissions.

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