AVTF Contest Submission



Student competitors will choose a style of vlog and make one episode to submit for judging. The vlog episode should be highly entertaining/educational and engage viewers through high-quality production value. Vlog styles: travel, informational, tech, motivational, opinion, review, and daily.

Contest Facts at-a-glance

File Type:


Run Time:

1.5-3 mins

# of Competitors:


Submission Instructions

Only a single entry should be submitted. Each entry should meet the following criteria:

Using computer graphics and titles, provide a slate at the beginning of the submission

Identify the school's name, contest category and the video title. 

Following the slate, add 10 seconds of black, followed by the music video, then add an additional 10 seconds of black to the end of the video.  The 20 seconds of black space will not be included in the timing of the video. 

All credits should be added to the end of the reel.