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Awards Ceremony

Awards Ceremony Details

Winners will be posted here: 



You can watch the Awards Ceremony via a livestream below: 


Rectifying Wrong Winner

Please read the below document regarding resolving errors at the State Leadership and Skills Conference. 

Absent Winners

If first place winners are absent then they will not advance to NLSC.

No medallions or prizes will be mailed. 

Contest Clothing Notice 

All contestants are required to wear their official contest uniforms or official SkillsUSA attire to the Awards Ceremony, where the winners are announced. Inappropriately dressed contestants will be denied access to the awards platform. If your contest has no clothing requirement, business casual or business attire must be worn. No jeans are allowed. Inappropriate skirt lengths will also prohibit a student from gaining access to the awards podium. 


“SkillsUSA official attire” as indicated for specific contests refers to the following:

• Red SkillsUSA blazer, windbreaker or sweater, or black or red SkillsUSA jacket.

• Button-up, collared, white dress shirt (accompanied by a plain, solid black tie), white blouse (collarless or small collared) or white turtleneck, with any collar not to extend into the lapel area or the blazer, sweater, windbreaker or jacket.

• Black dress slacks (accompanied by black dress socks or black or skin-tone seamless hose) or black dress skirt

(knee-length, accompanied by black or skin-tone seamless hose).

• Black dress shoes.


All personal jewelry should contribute to a businesslike appearance. Only official SkillsUSA jewelry is to be worn on a SkillsUSA blazer, jacket or sweater. Official jewelry is described as a conference pin, SkillsUSA emblem, officer pin, President’s Volunteer Service Award pin, statesman pin (one only) and professional development pin (one only).

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