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Champ Camp Offerings

Each contestant is REQUIRED to attend three (3) Champ Camp Sessions. These sessions are available by hovering over the pictures below and clicking "View Session." Once the competitor has watched the session they will then click the "Attendance Record" button to complete a short attendance survey. The recordings will be available to March 1st through March 12th. 

Pressed, Polished, and Professional

In a business setting, your actions are like a giant billboard advertising your professionalism. What is your billboard saying about you? In this session, you’ll learn how to make sure that you’re advertising your professional etiquette skills to everyone you meet, from handshakes to business cards!

Virtual Competition Tricks

This year, we have to be ready for anything, including in the SkillsUSA Competition! This session will give you the best tips and tricks you need to prepare and compete in virtual competition. 

Professional Presentations

Presenting on-screen is more important than ever before! In this session, you will learn the basics of on-camera presence from an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist and take away key tips to feel confident on screen every time.

Straight Talk on Getting a Job

In this session, learn from a career intelligence expert on what it takes to land that dream job. From resume and references to interviews and networking, you’ll learn key strategies to distinguish yourself and stand out as the top choice candidate. Get ready for straight talk on what it takes to get the job you want. 

A Little R&R

School…homework…extracurricular activities…relationships…college applications…AHHH! How are you supposed to navigate all of your responsibilities? Better yet, how can you take care of business without letting stress negatively impact your health? In this session, we will discuss the health effects of stress and how you can be sure to add some rest and relaxation to your life!

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