The time has finally arrived, to announce our 2020 SkillsUSA Georgia State Champions! SkillsUSA Georgia would like to take the chance to extend our deepest thanks to the entire SkillsUSA Georgia family; including students, advisors, parents, state officers, industry partners and board members. Your leadership and dedication throughout this trying time has proven that SkillsUSA Georgia will not only survive this difficult time, but will come through this stronger than ever. 

A Message from the 2019-2020 State Officer Team

Cambridge High School

Largest Overall Membership

Forsyth Central High School

Largest Membership Increase

Maxwell High School

2nd Largest Membership Increase

North Atlanta High School

3rd Largest Membership Increase

3D Visualization & Animation

Please note, that scores for the below contests will not be released. All contests are in alphabetical order. Please be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom of the page to view all winners.

Cambridge High School

Action Skills

Nicholas McGill, Calhoun High School

Advertising Design

John Hill, Flowery Branch High School

Arianna Simpson, Sandy Creek High School

Madalyn Bozeman, LaGrange High School

Additive Manufacturing

Rockmart Comprehensive High School

Kennesaw Mountain High School

Maxwell High School of Technology

American Spirit

Alliance Academy for Innovation

Camden County High School

Maxwell High School of Technology

Applied Communications 11th & 12th Grade

Lauren Spradling, Cambridge High School

Daphne Bryant, Sandy Creek High School

Aaliyah Alvarez, Union Grove High School

Architectural Drafting

Micah Parker, Jordan Vocational High School

David Castillo, Seqoyah High School

Ikaika Machain, Maxwell High School of Technology

Architectural Drafting Display

Jordan Vocational High School

Union Grove High School

Audio Radio Production

Cambridge High School

Automotive Brakes

Allan Gonzalez, Maxwell High School of Technology

Bryce Moore, Forsyth Central High School

Avery Swift, Rockmart Comprehensive High School

Automotive Electronics/Ignition

Keeley Whitmer, Forsyth Central High School

Josh Lipscomb, Hiram High School

Ryan Webb, Troup County High School

Automotive Refinishing Technology

Abraham Martinez Saravia, Maxwell High School of Technology

Automotive Service Technology

Zac Bacon, Haralson County High School

Peyton Parker, Gordon Central High School

Dylan Manus, West Laurens High School

Broadcast News Production

Cambridge High School

Hapeville Charter Career Academy

North Paulding High School

Business & Industry Video Production

Grayson Technical High School

North Atlanta High School

Cambridge High School


Chase Waters, Houston County Career Academy

Brennan Silveous, Camden County High School

Banks Hathcox, Calhoun High School

Career Exploration Manual 9th & 10th

Savannah Lowrance, Lakeview Ft. Ogelthorpe High School

Abigail Marzullo, Cambridge High School

Alex Teixeira, Alliance Academy for Innovation

Career Pathways Showcase- Arts, AV & Communication

Harris County High School

Cambridge High School

Career Pathways Showcase- Health Sciences

Camden County High School

Career Pathways Showcase- Health Sciences Middle School

Cedartown Middle School

Career Pathways Showcase- Law, Public Safety, and Security

Cambridge High School

Career Pathways Showcase- Transportation, Distribution and Logistics

Paulding County High School

Maxwell High School

Career Profile Portfolio

Diane Pineda-Ramierez, Creekview High School

Angela Rodriquez Martinez, Maxwell High School of Technology

Emma Kubitschek, Union Grove High School


Michael Watley, Harris County High School

Kaleb Pierce, Camden County High School

Tye Smith, Lee County High School


Cambridge High School

Greenbrier High School

Chapter Business Procedure

Cambridge High School

Chapter Display

Marion E. Barnes Career Center

Alliance Academy for Innovation

Chapter Recruitment Video

Cambridge High School

Forsyth Central High School

North Atlanta High School

CNC Milling Specialist

Hezekiah Karr, Maxwell High School of Technology

Collision Repair Technology

Axel Batista Munoz, Maxwell High School of Technology

Austin Ledbetter, Cherokee High School

Communications Skills 9th/10th Grade

Cayley Brock, Cambridge High School

Zane Paul, East Laurens High School

Evelia Lopez, Gordon Central High School

Community Action Project

Marion E. Barnes Career Center

Community Service

Cambridge High School

Grayson Technical High School

Computer Programming

Leigh Porter, McEachern High School

Norberto Espinoza-Gonzalez, Maxwell High School of Technology

Construction Blueprint Reading

Ansley Mathis, Union Grove High School

Robert Davies, Camden County High School

Dahana Valdez, Hapeville Charter Career Academy

Construction Math

Joseph Olejniczk, Cambridge High School

Wesley Hathcox, Calhoun High School

Matthew Gallops, Harris County High School

Construction Technology Display

Harris County High School

Hardaway High School


Macaya Johnson, Dekalb High School of Technology South

Kate Faulk, Bartow County College & Career Academy

Magan Puckett, Haralson County High School

Cosmetology Hair Design Display

Forsyth Central High School

Grovetown High School

Tri Cities High School

Cosmetology Nail Design Display

Forsyth Central High School

Haralson County High School

Stephens County High School

Crime Scene Investigation

Cambridge High School

Greenbrier High School

Lee County High School

Criminal Justice

Mansi Bhimani, Cambridge High School

Kiana Spencer, North Cobb High School

Kyle Chekroune, McEachern High School

Criminal Justice Quiz Bowl

McEachern High School

Cambridge High School

Calhoun High School

Customer Service

Ben Dykes, Sandy Creek High School

Memuna Ansah, Grayson Technical High School

Kiara King, College and Career Academy

Diesel Equipment Technology

Connor Sapper, Maxwell High School of Technology

Hunter McCollum, Cherokee High School

Digital Cinema Production

Cambridge High School

Roswell High School

North Murray High School

Dry Wall

Lee County High School

Cedartown High School

Cambridge High School

Early Childhood Education

DeAngelo Tatum, Americus Sumter County High School

Bailey Norris, Thomason High School

Maddy Keogh, Roswell High School

Electrical Construction Wiring

Christopher Colon, Harris County High School

McNeese Cody , Gordon Central High School

Savannah Cannady, Griffin High School

Employment Application Process

Alejandra Flores-Villegas, Cambridge High School

Haley Vo , Haralson County High School

Clayton Rettig, Jordan Vocational High School


Cambridge High School

Alliance Academy for Innovation

Greyson Technical High School


Sache' Rodriguez, Liberty College & Career Academy

Marisol Rodriguez , Tri Cities High School

Savannah Fenske, West Forsyth High School

Esthetics Display

Forsyth Central High School

Cedartown High School

Maxwell High School of Technology

Extemporaneous Speaking

Micah Teasley, Sandy Creek High School

Sasha Melbourne , Cherokee High School

Helana Garland, Gilmer High School

Fire Fighting

Avery Anderson, Cambridge High School

Sean Casey , Rockmart Comprehensive High School

Alex Jones, Dade County High School

First Aid/CPR

Gracey Lee, West Laurens High School

Grace Ene , Grovetown High School

Kymelle Long, Camden County High School

Flight Operations

Abdul Malik Adebayo, Maxwell High School of Technology

McNeese Cody , Gordon Central High School

Savannah Cannady, Griffin High School

Graphic Communications

Rosalyn Ngyuen, Walton High School

Jacon Hopwood , RW Johnson High School

Micah Allen, Harris County High School

Graphic Imaging Sublimation

McKinnon Colburn, Harris County High School

Imani Ingram, McEachern High School

Alex Bass, Walton High School

Health Occupations Professional Portfolio

Rajeshwari Raja, Alliance Academy for Innovation

Lindsay Lowrance, Gordon Central High School

Haley Elsberry, Haralson County High School

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and  Refrigeration

Jackson Davis, Lanier College and Career Academy

Nathan Rawling , Evans High School

High Risk Vehicle Stop

Grovetown High School

Cambridge High School

McEachern High School

Industrial Motor Control

Jerry Lowe, Camden County High School

Information Technology Service

Noah Bridgeman, Sandy Creek High School

Job Interview

Adriuana Benjamin, Archer High School

Lincoln Puryear, Murray County High School

Frida Nieto, Gilmer High School

Job Skill Demonstration A

Emily Whaley, North Murray High School

Alania Giglio, Cambridge High School

Kassidy Harmon, Haralson County High School

Job Skill Demonstration Open

Gabrielle Miller, Harris County High School

Briana Howell, Hardaway High School

Law and Public Safety Display

Cambridge High School

Milton High School

Legal Service Knowledge (11th & 12th)

Shir Halfon, Cambridge High School

Mabel Wynn, East Laurens High School

Haley Lopez-Blackwell, Apalachee High School

Legal Service Knowledge (9th & 10th)

Madeline Flores, Cambridge High School

Haley Dale, Flowery Branch High School


Damien West, Cass High School

Luke Strozier, Harris County High School

Micheal Griffin, Camden County High School

Mathematical Applications (11th & 12th)

Aaron Hodo, Warner Robins High School

Morgan Young, Cambridge High School

Shauna Moore, East Laurens High School

Mathematical Concepts (9th & 10th)

Anna Kamenskaia, Cambridge High School

Marvin Castillo, Calhoun High School

Demi Jardine, Decatur High School

Mechanical Drafting Display

Jordan Vocational High School


THINC College & Career Academy

Medical Assisting

Aissatou Sy Savane, Hapeville Charter Career Academy

Medical Math

Ava Gomez, Cambridge High School

Ayers Honiotes, Hart County High School

Sanjana Surapaneni, Alliance Academy for Innovation

Medical Terminology

Shalise Gibson, Hapeville Charter Career Academy

Cole Signaigo, Camden County High School

Alisha Bingham, Gordon Central High School

Metalworking Display

Thomoson High School

Maxwell High School of Technology

Lincoln County High School

Motorcycle Service Technology

Joseph Arnold, Maxwell High School of Technology

Nail Care

Litzy Fonseca, Tri Cities High School

Isabel Diaz, Bartow College and Career Academy

Kayla Galloway, WS Hutchings College & Career Center

Nurse Assisting

Dakota Martinez, Cherokee High School

Ariana Hofstetter, Cherokee High School

Roger Hamilton, Camden County High School

Occupational Health and Safety-Multi

Camden County High School

Opening and Closing Ceremonies

Cambridge High School

West Laurens High School