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Please read below for pre-conference submission requirements and details on your submission. Note that each chapter should submit once per competition unless otherwise indicated.

This Competition Requires a Pre-Conference Submission

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Action Skills

Competition Category

A team of two students must develop, execute, document and present a completed community service project that provides a benefit to the community or the school and demonstrates excellence and professionalism. The project may be a larger school/community project; however, two students must be part of the core organization team and document the project and results based on the guidelines in the standards. A letter from the appropriate school official on school letterhead stating that the competitor is classified under the provisions of Public Law 105-17, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, 1997, is required for participation.

Region Qualifier?


Advance to NLSC?


# of Competitors


Review These Items:

Competition Clothing

Class X: SkillsUSA Title Here

This is a contest description. These should be checked for conformity to the SLSC competition and not the national competition.

Competition Rules

National Technical Standards

This is the paragraph that describes the set of rules that governs the competition. This either refers to Absorb for technical standards or provides the link to the Georgia Only Rules (if applicable).

Resume Upload

Due March 1

All competitors are required to upload a resume prior to the State Leadership & Skills Conference. Competitors should only submit once.

Pre-Conference Submission

Submission Instructions

Only a single entry should be submitted. Each entry should meet the following criteria:

  • Using computer graphics and titles, provide a slate at the beginning of the submission

  • Identify the school's name, contest category and the video title. 

  • Following the slate, add 10 seconds of black, followed by the music video, then add an additional 10 seconds of black to the end of the video.  The 20 seconds of black space will not be included in the timing of the video. 

  • All credits should be added to the end of the reel.

Competition Updates

Periodically, updates may need to be made to the previously published rule of competition due to factors beyond SkillsUSA Georgia's control. Please note that any and all updates published here supercede any previously published information, including any previous competition updates. Please check back frequently for changes.

Update Title
XX/XX/XX at XX:XX am
Competition Name
Update Text
Update Title
XX/XX/XX at XX:XX am
Competition Name
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