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Chapter Calendar

Local chapters typically hold their activities on a monthly basis, according to a calendar of events developed early in the year.
There is no right or wrong combination of activities; just do what works best for your school. It is better to hold a few high quality events during the year than to suffer "busy bee syndrome" and run lots of events "for" the students instead of "by" the students.
Remember, it usually takes students longer to plan activities for themselves than it would take an adult. Allow ample planning time for the student team in charge of each event.


Organize the chapter
Hold a SkillsUSA kickoff event
Elect or appoint local chapter officers
Collect SkillsUSA member dues
Have first chapter meeting



Conduct a fundraiser, if desired
Install and train local chapter officers
Develop program of work
Hold meeting with a guest speaker
Attend Champions Rally



Hold a chapter meeting
Conduct a community service activity
Attend Falcons Game

Attend Fall Leadership Conference



Hold a chapter meeting
Conduct a social activity
Attend Thrashers Game



Hold a contest in public speaking
Hold a contest in job interview
Attend Region Championship


Hold a chapter meeting
Celebrate SkillsUSA Week
Attend Region Championship
Attend Day at the Capitol


Hold a chapter meeting
Plan a field trip to area career-technical school
Attend SLSC



Hold a chapter meeting with a guest speaker
Take photos and send to local newspaper



Hold a chapter meeting
Hold a final social event



Attend NLSC

Prepare for next school year



Prepare for next school year
Hold local officer training session

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