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2021-2022 State Officer Team


Ambuja Sharma 

SkillsUSA National Officer President

School: Cambridge High School 

Ambuja is a proud student of the Law, Public Safety, Corrections, and Security pathway. Through her term as a National Officer, she hopes to continue her advocacy for equity and bring innovative ideas to grow membership! She also hopes to grow local chapter engagement nationwide!


Darlyn Morales 

Vice President of Public Relations

School: Rome High School 

Within my first year of SkillsUSA, I discovered that film is my passion. I am currently in the process of completing the Audio Visual Tech and Film pathway. As a state officer, I would love to help other members find their passion and encourage them to pursue it as a career.

Joseph Jacobson 

Vice President of Championships

School: Alliance Academy of Innovation 

My pathway is Criminal Justice and Law, and I hope to make SkillsUSA’s community grow as a State Officer.


Joseph Price 

Vice President of Membership Engagement 

School: Union Grove High School 

My name is Joseph Price and I am in the Architectural Drafting pathway at Union Grove High School. One of the many things I look forward to doing this year is to encourage more of our members to compete in our vast competitions. There are many opportunities and benefits that come to competing along with a fun and enjoyable experience. Competitions will serve as one of my major focus points for the following year, so we can all grow together in a healthy way. 

Raven Ridley 

Vice President of Recruitment

School: Haralson County High School 

Hi, my name is Raven Ridley and I am a cosmetology student at Haralson County High School. In the next year of service I want to help small local chapters gain membership and become more involved in the SkillsUSA community.


Sareena Lidhar

Vice President of Community Service

School: Cambridge High School 

Hi! My name is Sareena Lidhar and I am apart of the law and justice pathway! This year as a state officer I hope to expand chapters across the state as well as help underfunded chapters succeed! I also want to make sure everyone feels included becauses SkillsUSA is a massive family and we all are here for each other to reach our goals! 

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