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Chapter Officer Experience 



SkillsUSA Georgia has been selected to participate in a new opportunity for chapter officers at the 2023 National Leadership and Skills Conference! Chapter officers would participate in special activities to foster their growth as a leader. 


  • Individual leadership assessment to determine leadership tendencies, strengths, and areas for improvement. 

  • Experiential team building activities to be conducted as officer teams. 

  • Participation in a Food Can Sculpture Activity to demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and planning, organizing, and management skills. 

  • Special team time for reflection and application to their chapter. 

  • Development of a plan to take home and implement to guide their chapter this year. 


The benefits are even greater when considering their exposure to all that the National Leadership and Skills Conference has to offer!  


  • Experience not only the new chapter officer training but also all the aspects of NLSC to build a strong and well-equipped officer team. 

  • Participate in opening and awards session. 

  • Cheer on the national competitors. 

  • Explore the massive Techspo exhibit floor. 

  • Experience Champions Festival. 

  • Participate in the Community Service Project to support the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. 


SkillsUSA’s Chapter Officer Election Toolkit has been prepared to assist in conducting a SkillsUSA chapter officer election process! 


The actions described in this guide are suggestions and options based on experiences gathered from chapters. Each chapter may need to adjust or modify the actions presented to fit unique needs or time periods. Each chapter should also be familiar with the state officer election process for their specific state, as they may wish to mimic portions of it.

Included in this toolkit:

  • Election Types

  • Election Methods

  • Evaluation Rubrics

  • Other Election & Technical Resources

Download the Chapter Officer Election Toolkit by clicking the button below! 

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