Page Last Updated AUGUST 14, 2020


Released August 14, 2020

SkillsUSA Georgia began the school year with cautious hope that we would be able to create some normalcy to the year. Unfortunately, COVID-19 continues to be a rampant factor in the ability to continue on as planned. The Georgia National Fair announced that hosting a Fair that abides by CDC and State regulations would not be possible. As you know, the Georgia National Fairgrounds is where the annual SkillsUSA Georgia Champions Rally takes place. Due to the decision made by the Georgia National Fair there will not be a Champions Rally this year.  


In leu of not hosting an in-person Champions Rally, there are still opportunities for your students to compete. Normally, the competitions that are available for students to enter into at Champions Rally encourage chapter recruitment, for example the Chapter Recruitment Display and Chapter Recruitment Poster contests. We will continue the spirit of recruitment through the new SkillsUSA Georgia Recruitment Challenge. Chapters will compete for the best SkillsUSA informational handout, the most creative social media post, and the most innovative video engagement. These competitions challenge members to creatively provide insight into SkillsUSA and encourage potential new members to join. The three competitions are able to be completed virtually so that all chapters across the state can participate. SkillsUSA Georgia will distinguish the top 10% of chapters submitting recruitment strategies as “Master of Recruitment” Chapters for the school year. We encourage all SkillsUSA chapters to participate in the Chapter Recruitment Challenge!  


For teachers receiving extended day, please know that this opportunity will substitute Champions Rally.  


Though we are disappointed at this turn of events, we concur with the Georgia National Fair that our member’s safety is our highest priority. We appreciate your understanding, and please know that we are diligently working to continue to provide exciting opportunities to our members.  


Sincerely, SkillsUSA Georgia


Released August 1, 2020

Though this year will present its own set of challenges due to COVID-19 restrictions, SkillsUSA Georgia is working to bring new programming, activities, and opportunities to student members while following CDC guidelines. As you are experiencing in your own school districts, the 2020-2021 school year will be unlike any other. Although the decision to host virtual learning, open the school up to in-person learning, or a hybrid of the two varies between school systems, what is evident is that there is a call for great flexibility and adaptability for both teachers and students. Adaptability and Flexibility skills are Essential Elements that fall under the Personal Skills component of the SkillsUSA Framework, the foundation for our organization. When students learn about this Essential Element, they learn how to demonstrate resilience. Further, they learn that having to adapt or be flexible in new or difficult situations allows them the ability to foster creativity and conjure new ideas. We know that as teachers, you are having to demonstrate an incredible amount of resilience, while also being challenged with fostering new ideas to keep your students engaged, and to adapt to new ways of keeping you both safe. We realize that this is not an easy situation, and we are diligently working to bring you new virtual content that will both challenge and excite your students! 


As we go into this unprecedented school year together, we ask that you keep in mind that SkillsUSA Georgia is also in a fluid situation, and that this year may look entirely different than the conferences and programs that we are all accustomed to. We are working to determine safe and fair options for hosting Champions Rally, Region Championships, and the 2020-2021 State Leadership and Skills Conference. Since we are working to make decisions that are directly related to an ever changing crisis, we are not prepared to make an official announcement regarding the status of these events at this time. Once an official decision is made we will communicate with both advisors and student members via the SkillsUSA Georgia website as well as email communication. Please keep in mind that though this year may not be a “normal” year, it is our mission to continue to provide our members with high-quality content that furthers learning, while also giving them exciting opportunities to grow as world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. 



BOLT is an exciting new chapter officer training tool designed to equip your chapter officers with the tools they need to lead a successful, high-quality, highly-impactful chapter. BOLT features content in areas that advisors and student leaders have identified as crucial to chapter success. This digital platform gives advisors the opportunity to engage their chapter officer teams in a guided and interactive format that is customizable to your local schedule, learning needs and learning speed. 


Chapter Recruitment Challenge

The Recruitment Challenge is designed to aid chapters in developing their own creative recruitment strategy while simultaneously allowing them to put their strategy up against similar chapters from across the state of Georgia.This strategy is all about the who, when, why, and how. Who are you trying to recruit? When do you want to recruit them? Why should they join SkillsUSA? How will your chapter seek to answer these questions? The Recruitment Challenge allows SkillsUSA members to think outside the box and use their creative skills to get potential new members excited about SkillsUSA!


Virtual Engagement 

SkillsUSA Georgia is focusing on how members can stay engaged while staying safe! Virtual Engagement opportunities such as a Virtual Service Day, Virtual Mentoring, Virtual Teacher Appreciation, and an exciting new Advocacy Program will be released this school year.