CTSO New Advisor Training 

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CTSO New Advisor Training 



June 8, 2021 from 9:00 -11:00 am 


STEP 1: Go to www.ctaern.org and login using "Member Log-in" link in the top right. 

STEP 2: Click "Workshops" on left, then "Upcoming Workshops." 

STEP 3: After finding the workshop you would like to attend, click "Register" on the right. 

STEP 4: A link to access the workshop will be sent at a later date. 


Session #1: What does it mean to be a part of the team? 

This session will focus on working with administrators, bookkeepers, transportation directors, building your reputation as a teacher, and gaining credibility. 

Session #2: Where do you find all those members and how do you keep them?

This workshop will focus on ideas for recruiting, recognizing, and retaining members. 

Session #3: How do I meet the requirements of my POW?

This session will focus on the different components that build the program of work. It will help new advisors learn to plan and prepare for what might happen. 

Session #4: What does safe travel, day or overnight, look like with students?

This workshop will focus on making sure you know the policies and expectations of your local district and implementing them. Topics covered will be: the role of the advisor, understanding the importance of the conference is to develop youth, best practices for behavior management, reviewing the code of conduct with your students, and reporting requirements. 

Session #5: How do I grow leaders in my chapter?

This workshop will focus on selecting officer teams, elections, team building, leadership opportunities available, and working with feeder school programs. 

Session #6: How do you ensure your chapter is financially stable? 

This workshop will focus on how to plan payments for trips with students, working with parents and bookkeepers, fundraising ideas, and reading the fine print. 

Session #7: What does a meeting look like? 

This workshop will focus on different types of meetings that can be held throughout the year, building a local chapter program of work, engaging members in meetings, and how to run a meeting.