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New at this year’s State Leadership & Skills Conference, the new and improved voting delegate experience, Election 2020: SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer Election. Delegates from all across the state are invited to attend an afternoon of education, centered around the Essential Elements of Decision Making and Responsibility. This event culminates with the 2020 State Officer Election, the process that selects SkillsUSA Georgia’s top student leaders for the following school year.

The Delegates

The Delegates

Delegates are based on chapter membership. The number of voting delegates for each chapter will be determined by the number of active members each SkillsUSA Georgia chapter has registered by February 5th on the SkillsUSA conference registration site. The delegate breakdown chart can be seen below:

The ideal Voting Delegate is a member who is not competing. But, a member in competing in a leadership contest or pre-submission can qualify to be a Voting Delegate as well. Chapter are encouraged to select who they believe will represent their chapters interests. If a student is not competing but is attending as a Voting Delegate, Chapter advisors should register selected Voting Delegates as observers in the official conference registration system. Once all Voting Delegates are registered as official conference attendees, advisors should also submit one Voting Delegate list per school by filling out this form (Deadline: Feb 5):

The Process

The Process

1. Attend Election 2020 Conference

Voting Delegates attend the Election 2020 Conference to develop an awareness of Decision Making and Responsibility and how it relates to the voting process while also identifying the characteristics of great State Officers.

2. Interact with Candidates

After identifying the qualities of a great leader along with the issues that are most important to them, Voting Delegates are given the chance to implement what they've learned by interacting with potential state officer candidates one-on-one. Delegates are encouraged to ask questions that are important to them. 

3. Hear Candidate Speeches

Potential State Officer Candidates are given the opportunity to address the House of Delegates via a 3 minute timed speech. These speeches allow the Voting Delegates to understand the issues that matter and make an informed decision. 


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