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Chapter Officer Development Conference

Join SkillsUSA Georgia members from across the state of Georgia for a day full of impactful leadership development centered around the SkillsUSA Framework! This conference will equip you with the tools necessary to have a successful school year! 

Conference Information

What is Elevate Conference? 

This conference focuses on building successful chapters by equipping officer teams with the skills to lead.

Who is eligible to attend Elevate Conference?

All officers for your school chapter and/or chapter section. For example: SkillsUSA High School has four program areas that each have their own set of officers for their section and the SkillsUSA High School chapter officers are obtained from the four program areas. All students that are officers for each section are eligible to attend. In turn this means that the SkillsUSA High School chapter officers would be in attendance since they are on the officer teams for each program area section. You must be registered members prior to registering for the Elevate Conference. 

When is the Elevate Conference?

October 11, 2023 from 11:30 am - 4:30 pm 

When is the Elevate Conference Registration Deadline?

Registration Opens: August 25, 2023
Registration Closes: September 29, 2023

Where is the Elevate Conference?

Elevate is a virtual conference hosted by SkillsUSA National office.

What is the cost of the Elevate Conference?

$10.00 per participant & registrants must be submitted members. Advisors must also register for the conference. Advisors are expected to attend and participate alongside their chapter officers. 

Where do I register for the Elevate Conference?
Promotional Materials 

View the promotional flier here.

View the promotional video here.

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