SLSC Hotel Information

2021 Updates

Due to local school system COVID traveling restrictions, SkillsUSA Georgia will be lifting its less than 25 mile commuter policy. This means that any school is able to commute to and from SLSC. However, EVERY school must upload a letter from your local CTAE Director or Principal on the school letterhead and signed indicating that your school will indeed be commuting and not staying at an off site hotel property.

Every school will need to complete the below steps: 

1. Register SLSC participants and advisors 

2. Complete the hotel planner within the registration site.

        • If you plan to commute, drag and drop all school attendees into the commuting option.        

        • Next, every school is required to complete the school hotel/transportation online form.

Hotel Notes:

• Chapter advisors must assume responsibility and liability for all charges incurred by their delegation.

• Tax-exempt Forms and Identification must be presented upon check-in. If tax exempt, form of payment must be one of the    

   following: (1) a check issued by the school; or (2) a credit card from the school.

• No shows will be billed one night’s room and tax.

• Purchasable Movies and outside phone lines will be turned off. Advisors can check with the front desk about these services.

Hotel Planner Instructions: 

Once you have completed registering all your attendees, you MUST complete the HOTEL PLANNER portion of the registration.

a. Click on the HOTEL PLANNER button at the top of the page.

b. Click on each of your registered members and drag and drop them into an available appropriate hotel room.

c. Rooms must be either all female or all male. (This step allows you to determine which students are housed together.)

d. BE CAREFUL- Make sure that you use single and double rooms appropriately. 

There is now a commuter option in the Hotel Planner. Please drag and drop attendees in the commuter section.