National Leadership & Skills Conference

 Louisville, KY

The National Leadership and Skills Conference pits competitors against the best of the best from all across the country and encourages students to reach their highest potential. We invite you to join us for a competitive, action packed week in Louisville, Ky!


NLSC Update- March 27, 2020

We share in SkillsUSA National’s disappointment that they had to cancel their national

conference in June. The global pandemic of COVID-19 and its impact on domestic events has

been a unique, challenging situation for all of us, and we know that SkillsUSA National is doing

their absolute best to make the right decisions for their membership. We trust the extensive

process they went through to make such an extremely difficult decision.

At SkillsUSA Georgia, we were able to swiftly develop a new plan for running state events and

are proud we will be able to fulfill our promise to provide our members the recognition they

deserve. The SkillsUSA Georgia Online Championships is a fair, efficient process in which

students can still demonstrate their skills and earn the title of state champion. Like schools and

organizations across the country, we’ve had to adapt our competition to accommodate these

current challenges, but we’re proud of this outcome and believe it will still be a fulfilling

experience for everyone. Our members have put in a lot of hard work and long hours preparing

to compete. We are looking forward to hosting more than 120 online contests and announcing

our state champions on May 11.

Thank You to Our Youth Development Foundation Partners!

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