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  • Please view the NLSC Packet here


  • $125 for contestants, advisors, participants, and Models of Excellence registrants

  • This registration fee includes a T-Shirt



  • Friday, May 7th by 5:00 pm


  • Registration fees MUST be received by Monday, May 31st.

  • All forms of registration payment should be made to SkillsUSA Georgia 

  • Please send checks to: 

SkillsUSA Georgia

1740 Hudson Bridge Rd. 

Suite 1052

Stockbridge, GA 30281


  • Please complete this contact form in the event of an emergency and we need to contact you: Advisor Contact Form 


Contestant - All students competing in a contest. This includes interview contestants for American Spirit, Chapter Display, Promotional Bulletin Board, Occupational Health and Safety, and Outstanding Chapter. Esthetics and Nail Care contestants are permitted to use mannequins in place of live models due to the COVID-19 pandemic for NLSC 2021. 

Advisor - Teachers of participating students. 


Participants - State officers, delegates, national officer candidates or any other attendee who will be attending the virtual conference. 


Models of Excellence - Registrants who have achieved the highest honor of the Chapter Excellence Program and will be interviewing as Models of Excellence during NLSC. These chapters were notified that they qualified for this honor by the national Office of Education. Only participants that have been contacted by the national headquarters should register with this type. 

Advisor Professional Development Only - SkillsUSA Georgia will NOT  be offering Skills University this year. In place of that opportunity will be the NLSC Advisor Academy. SkillsUSA is excited to offer several unique advisor professional development opportunities during NLSC 2021. Please see detailed information regarding each Professional Development Opportunity here. Registration cost is $125 and details on how to register can be found on page four of the above document. 


  • There will be no conference refunds or credits once you submit your registration except for COVID related illnesses. 

  • Please complete this COVID RESERVE FORM if your competitor is unable to attend due to COVID-19. 


As you register for the National Leadership and Skills Conference please be aware that SkillsUSA Georgia has a no cancellation policy. This means that if you submit registration for a conference and cannot attend then we are not able to issue a registration refund. This is because we base purchasing items off of our registration numbers. 

Further, any inability to compete on the competition date will disqualify any competitors. No refunds will be issued. However, if the competitor tests positive for COVID-19 or is affected by COVID-19, we ask that you inform the State Office and we will work with you regarding issuing a refund. Documentation that the competitor tests positive and is quarantining is required in order for a refund to be issued. 

In addition, no substitutions can be made unless a student is impacted by COVID-19. The COVID Reserve list is for students who have tested positive or are quarantined because of close contact with someone who has tested positive. You can find the COVID Reserve form here.




Log on to SkillsUSA Register.



To register; click the Conference tab > My Registrations > click button Add New Registrant.

Select registration type > member name from drop-down menu > select contest of contestant > click button Save & Continue > complete registration form for each participants. 

Watch the help video on the top far-right side of the registration page, or contact the Customer Care Team for assistance by chat, email, or phone. 


Registrants from a Previous Conference:

If registering from a prior conference, use the Look Up Previous Registration button at the bottom of the screen and click the register button next to the name. NOTE: This feature will only work if all membership invoices are paid for your school. 

  • Conference Liability and Release Form: Once the name is registered; click the FORM button that is displayed to the left of the name and ensure all fields are completed. It is critical to provide accurate birth dates and a valid and unique email address for contestants. We recommend you print the Conference Registration Form and have the participant verify that this information is accurate. 

  • A blank Liability Form can be printed ahead of time and given to the participant or parent to fill out. Click the tab Conference > Blank > Conference Liability & Release Form. The form should then be returned to the advisor or designated school person to enter the data on our website as mentioned above. 

  • Advisor Attestation: Ensure that the Attestation Advisor Acceptance box on the bottom of each participants conference registration record is checked and electronically signed. 

  • Home Addresses: You must provide a home address for contestants, delegates and officer candidates. Contest awards are mailed to contestant home addresses. Delegates and officer candidates may receive mailings due to the virtual environment. 

  • Drop and Refund Policy: Schools are responsible for paying for all registrants that cancel after the registration deadline. Drops made after the deadline are not eligible for a refund/credit unless the student has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

STEP 4: 

Advisors attending Engage; Locate Attend Academy of Excellence and check the box YES. A new screen will appear that lists the available sessions. Click the drop-down menu in each sessions box to register for a specific time and date. 

STEP 5: 

Advisors attending Academy of Excellence: Locate Attend Academy of Excellence and check the box YES. A new screen will appear that lists the available sessions. Click the drop-down menu in each sessions box to register for a specific time and date. 


  • The system will only accept conference registration for contestants if your school's membership invoices are paid and students were registered was members by the March 1 national deadline. 

  • Names added to the registration site are considered registered for NLSC. Be sure to provide: 

    • A valid and unique email for each individual contestant. ​

    • A home address for each contestant. Prizes and other materials will be mailed to student's home. 

    • Identify if a participant meets the criteria specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

    • Emergency contact information is needed. 


Q: How can I print a report of my NLSC registration?

A: Click Conference > Registration Summary. You may also select the following reports from the Conference tab > Fee Summary, Fees Per Program or Fee Details. 

Q: Where do we send out money? 

A: All forms of registration payment should be made to SkillsUSA Georgia. Please send checks to: 

SkillsUSA Georgia

1740 Hudson Bridge Rd. 

Suite 1052

Stockbridge, GA 30281

Q: Why can't I view all my school's participant records? 

A: To view and update all records of your school  participant(s), you must own them (you created the record). If you are responsible for registering everyone and are unable to access, contact the Customer Care Team at 844-875-4557 to change your user access. 

Q: Why can't I get the record to save? 

A: Required information may be missing. Look for alerts in red typed script.

Q: Why can't I enter my participant in a contest?

A: To enter a contest, you must select the registration type Contestant, then select the contest. 

Q: How do I correct a student's mis-spelled name when the system will not allow me to change? 

A: A contestant name must match the spelling in the membership record. Only national staff can correct the spelling of a member name. To request a correction, click the link above the Participants name; Click here to request a spelling correction for Contestants in the conference registration record. 


Q: What is the Submit button? 

A: This button is only used if your state is using the online system for invoicing. Your registration is complete upon adding the names to the conference registration website. To be sure, you can always click submit even if your state is not using the online invoicing. If you do not see an invoice created online after you submit, contact your state association as they most likely are using a different invoicing method. 

Q: Who do I call regarding my state delegation cost and deadline? 

A: These calls should be directed to your the SkillsUSA Georgia office. Please email Jordan Sewell at

Q: Who do I call for registration support? 

A: Contact the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team at or 844-875-4557 or by chat on the SkillsUSA conference registration website. 


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