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  • Please see the NLSC Packet here for additional information. 


The SkillsUSA Championships will be hosted 100% virtually during the 2021 National Leadership and Skills Conference. Similar to the State Leadership and Skills Conference, all contest information and submissions will be conducted via the SkillsUSA Championships Hub. SLSC winners advancing to the National Leadership and Skills Conference will utilize the same Championships Hub account to complete their national level contest. Students will receive an auto-email on or before June 1, notifying them of the update to their account. Students who do not see their NLSC contest updated in their account by June 1 should contact the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team to gain access.


Contest Updates will be available in two places: Championships Hub and the national SkillsUSA website. The Contest Updates will be updated daily. Included in the Contest Updates are:

  • Competition Dates

  • Testing Dates

  • Resumes

  • Submissions

  • Contest Details

  • Proctor Type Details 


Contest Updates - SkillsUSA Website  

Contest Updates - Championships Hub (available Tuesday, June 1st) 


NLSC 2021 FAQ's (Championships Hub) 

This document covers some of the most frequently asked questions around the SkillsUSA Championships Hub. 

Championships Hub

SkillsUSA Georgia has previously used the SkillsUSA Championships Hub during the State Leadership and Skills Conference. Please read the Championships Hub document which explains how to gain access to your previously existing account which has been updated to reflect new NLSC content. 


Clothing penalties will not be assessed during the national level contest. Contestants should attempt to wear Professional or Contest Dress if possible. If not possible, contestants should attempt to wear "similar-like" clothing. Identifying items (name, school, etc.) should not be worn. All safety requirements outlined within the technical standards must be met. If not, contestants will receive safety penalties. 


*Please see a downloadable schedule here

June 14-18: SkillsUSA Championships 

  • Some events will occur prior to this week and some after, but the majority will be held the week of June 14th. 

June 19 - 21: Leverage and Engage 

June 22 - 24: Advisor Professional Development Training 

June 24: Awards and Recognition Session (3:30 pm) 

June 28: Leverage

June 5: Leverage

July 12: Leverage 

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