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NLSC Contestant Location Requirements 


Most Leadership and a few Occupationally Related contestants will be allowed to compete for home. All Skilled competitions will be required to be held on-site. 

The Leadership contests that will require competitors to compete at school due to the nature and scope of the competitions include:

  • Action Skills

  • Community Action Project 

  • Employment Application Process

  • Job Skill Demo A

  • Job Skill Demo Open 

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • Quiz Bowl 

The Occupationally Related competitions where students will be allowed to compete from home due to the nature and scope of the competition include:

  • Health Occupations Professional Portfolio

  • Medical Math 

  • Medical Terminology 

  • Related Technical Math 

Please read the document below for additional information and instructions. 

NLSC Safety Health Integrity Commitment Form 


Each contestant will be required to read and sign this document. They will then need to ask their advisor, proctor/judge, and principal to read and sign the form as well. Each contestant will be required to submit this document by uploading it into the Championships Hub with all signatures prior to their competition date or June 7th, whichever comes first. Please be aware that contestants will have access to Championships Hub on June 1st.