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Communication Update 


If you have a contest question, issue, or other report please contact the SkillsUSA Customer Care Team. Team members have been specially trained on how to escalate issues around contests and the virtual National Leadership and Skills Conference to the correct internal staff members. This means that they are the quickest way to get your question answered or an issue handled. 

SkillsUSA Customer Care Team 


NLSC Contestant Location Requirements 


Most Leadership and a few Occupationally Related contestants will be allowed to compete for home. All Skilled competitions will be required to be held on-site. 

The Leadership contests that will require competitors to compete at school due to the nature and scope of the competitions include:

  • Action Skills

  • Community Action Project 

  • Employment Application Process

  • Job Skill Demo A

  • Job Skill Demo Open 

  • Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • Quiz Bowl 

The Occupationally Related competitions where students will be allowed to compete from home due to the nature and scope of the competition include:

  • Health Occupations Professional Portfolio

  • Medical Math 

  • Medical Terminology 

  • Related Technical Math 

Please read the document below for additional information and instructions. 


NLSC Safety Health Integrity Commitment Form 


Each contestant will be required to read and sign this document. They will then need to ask their advisor, proctor/judge, and principal to read and sign the form as well. Each contestant will be required to submit this document by uploading it into the Championships Hub with all signatures prior to their competition date or June 7th, whichever comes first. Please be aware that contestants will have access to Championships Hub on June 1st. 


NLSC Competition Location Update


Welding Sculpture has been added to the list of competitions where students can compete from their home or other locations located off their school campus. Listed below is the complete list of competitions where contestants can compete from home.

Leadership Competitions

  • American Spirit

  • Chapter Business Procedure

  • Chapter Display

  • Community Service

  • Extemporaneous Speaking

  • Job Interview

  • Occupational Health and Safety: Single and Multiple

  • Outstanding Chapter

  • Pin Design

  • Prepared Speech

  • Promotional Bulletin Board

  • T-Shirt Design

Occupationally Related Competitions

  • Health Occupations Professional Portfolio

  • Medical Math

  • Medical Terminology

  • Related Technical Math

Technical Skills Competitions

  • Welding Sculpture

SkillsUSA requires all other competitions to be on-site and to to be supervised by school personnel so that technical support can ensure contest integrity. Every effort should be made to provide opportunities for contestants to compete at their school so they can be appropriately supervised and supported. If a student is competing from home, they cannot receive the technical support they would receive at school.

SkillsUSA Championships Information 


NLSC 2021 FAQ's (Championships Hub) 

This document covers some of the most frequently asked questions around the SkillsUSA Championships Hub. 

Championships Hub 

SkillsUSA Georgia has previously used the SkillsUSA Championships Hub during the State Leadership and Skills Conference. Please read the Championships Hub document which explains how to gain access to your previously existing account which has been updated to reflect new NLSC content. 

National Leadership and Skills Conference Updates 

May 24, 2021

ITEM #1: Safety /Health and Integrity Form 

Deadline for Submission 

This form must be submitted by the competitor in Championships Hub by 11:59 pm on June 7th. 

Who Completes this Form?

  • Competitors

  • Advisors

  • School Administrator 


ITEM #2: Professional Development Test

Location of Test

Students may take the Professional Development Test at home.


To allow for flexibility, no proctor is required for the Professional Development test. 

Championship Hub Security 

The Championships Hub enforces security settings on the student to ensure test integrity: 

  • Scrambled Question Order

  • Scrambled Answer Order

  • Time limit of 1 hour


ITEM #3: Contest Dates Document 

A NLSC Contest Schedule is available for download and lists the following: 

  • Contest (sorted by alphabetical order) 

  • Resume Due Date

  • PD Test Due Date

  • Contest Orientation Date

  • Contest Date(s) 

  • Written Test Date

  • Location Requirement (supervised on school campus, or may compete off-campus)


ITEM #4: Championships Hub 

The National Leadership and Skills Conference will be hosted on the SkillsUSA Championships Hub. Please see the below documents for all the information regarding the hub. 


NLSC Written Assessment Update

June 4, 2021

The Championships Team has informed state associations that the following career competitions WILL NOT be requiring a written (online) test during the 2021 SkillsUSA Championships. This decision was made to better facilitate the student's contest experience and provide a fair competition for all competitors.

Contests that are not requiring a written test include (note: this list does not include leadership or other contests that do not typically require a written test): 

Advertising Design 


Diesel Technology 

Digital Cinema Production 

Commercial UAS Drone - DEMO


Information Technology Services


Marine Service Technology 


Mobile Robotics Technology 

Nail Carer


Robotics Urban Search and Rescue 

Television Video Production 


The national Championships Team has also decided to extend the deadline for all technical assessments that were previously due June 7, to June 9. Please note that this change is only for technical assessments. This does not apply to the professional development test, resumes, nor the safety, health and integrity form. Those items are still due by June 7 at 11:59 P.M. 

NLSC Awards and Recognition Session 

June 15, 2021 

Championships contests have been categorized this year into 10 career categories. 


The Awards and Recognition Run of Show can be found here.

The session can be accessed at on June 24th and is available for viewing by all. 

Please see the 2021 Awards and Recognition Session Orientation here.

Next week, we will adhere to the following timeline:

  • By 9:00 a.m. (ET) on June 23, 2021

    • The top 9 finalists for each contest will receive both e-mail and text notifications, which will include links to more information and next steps.

    • The advisor of the top 9 finalists in each contest will be copied on the email to the contestants.

    • The listing of finalists will be posted on SkillsUSA’s Contest Results page.

  • June 23, 2021

    • The top 9 finalists will be asked to confirm their participation in the NLSC Awards and Recognition session on 6/24/21.

  • June 24, 2021

    • The top 9 finalists will participate in tech check meetings at either. 9 a.m. ET or 12 p.m. ET to make sure their technology is working, and that they are able to get on Zoom.

    • The top 9 finalists will join us via Zoom for one of three NLSC Awards and Recognition segments taking place at 3:30 p.m., 5:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. (ET). 

Watch Parties

When award finalists are on screen, we want the audience to see and feel the level of support each of them has. Contestants are encouraged to host a watch party at their school or home with SkillsUSA members, parents, school administrators, and others in attendance. When it is time for the big announcement, watch party attendees should assemble behind the finalist so that the audience can see the crowd supporting the finalist. If that person’s name is announced, watch party attendees should celebrate like crazy.

It’s going to be a great afternoon/evening filled with celebration as we honor and recognize our award recipients, championships medalists, and all SkillsUSA members!



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