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NLSC Student Supervision Policy

Please review the National SkillsUSA Student Supervision Policy

SkillsUSA’s highest priority is student safety and ensuring that our student members experience an environment that is conducive to learning. The 2021 virtual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC) is no exception to this priority. It is imperative that students participating virtually are provided with supervision to ensure:

  • A safe environment. 

  • The ability to troubleshoot technical difficulties.

  • The ability to connect to an adult in case of an emergency.

  • Access to an individual to advocate on the student’s behalf.


With these goals in mind, the following NLSC Student Supervision Requirement has been established. 

Each student participating in the NLSC as a competitor, contest model or Models of Excellence program participant is required to have an adult chaperone. This is ideally the student’s SkillsUSA advisor, but it may be another instructor or staff member. It is recommended that a student competitor have one advisor registered for the conference who represents the program area for which the student is competing in. Specific professional development experiences have been created to provide additional value to the SkillsUSA advisor experience at NLSC. 


A SkillsUSA advisor or other assigned chaperone may supervise up to five students during NLSC, schedules permitting. The only exception to this policy is for team competitions, where one advisor may chaperone all students on a single competition team, even if this number exceeds five students. 


The registered advisor or chaperone must remain accessible at all times while their students are actively participating in NLSC. “Accessible” means participating with the student in the events as permissible; monitoring the student during skilled competitions to ensure safety practices are followed; and being immediately reachable by cell phone, text or email. This policy applies to all student participation in all NLSC activities on all dates. Students who do not have a registered advisor/chaperone will not be allowed to participate in NLSC activities, including competitions. 

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