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Final YDF Assignment

Competitors are required to create a 15-second video showcasing themselves on any of the given topics. It is important for competitors to wear appropriate competition attire during the video recording and project a joyful and excited mood, similar to the style of Instagram or TikTok videos. Remember, your video represents SkillsUSA Georgia, so please ensure you speak confidently and articulately. We encourage you to unleash your creativity in this endeavor—feel free to sing, rap, recite a poem, or express yourself in any way that best reflects your unique personality. For participants in team events, collaboration with teammates is allowed, but each team member must submit their own individual video.

Why should a student join SkillsUSA?

How has SkillsUSA made a positive impact on them?

How have you found a community within SkillsUSA?

What is your favorite thing about competing?
Videos Must Include
Your Name
Your School
Your Pathway/Career Cluster
Submit Your Video
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