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Youth Development Scholarship Fund 


  • Please view the NLSC Packet here for additional information. 


YDF Scholarship Submission Form (Entry One)

YDF Scholarship Submission Form (Entry Two) 

YDF Scholarship Form

Photo Release Form 


YDF Scholarship Submission Form One (due May 7th): 

  • Letter 1 - Please write a letter to your school Principal (follow the outline on page 12 of the NLSC Packet). 

  • Photo - Please take a picture of you in your contest clothing holding a blank piece of paper (follow the instructions on page 13 of the NLSC Packet). 

  • Please submit YDF Scholarship Form

  • Please submit Photo/Video Release Form (linked at the top of page 10 in the NLSC Packet).


YDF Scholarship Submission Form Two (due July 1st): 

  • Please write a letter to your School Board Chair. 


Step 1: Take note of the dates and deadlines 

Step 2: Fill out the Contestant Information section 

Step 3: Fill out the Advisor Information section 

Step 4: Review deadlines for YDF and sponsor letter submission. 

Step 5: Print out the YDF Scholarship Agreement Form.

Step 6: Obtain the necessary signatures.  

Step 7: Scan/take a picture of the YDF Scholarship Agreement Form and upload it to your computer. Save the form as a document and upload the completed YDF Scholarship Agreement Form to the Wufoo form. 

Step 8: Upload necessary documents:

  • Letter 1(prior to NLSC) 

  • Photo Release Form 

  • YDF Scholarship Agreement Form 

  • Letter 2 (post NLSC) 

Step 9: Submit the Wufoo form by hitting the “submit” button. 

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