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Advisor Committee Opportunity

As a SkillsUSA Georgia advisor, your insight is invaluable! As a part of a new initiative to engage career cluster advisors in the advancement of programs, events, and communication, we would like to invite you to apply to serve as a Career Cluster Committee member.

The purpose and role of the Career Cluster Committee are to provide the SkillsUSA Georgia state office and Cluster Chair Board Members with feedback pertaining to cluster area contests, advisor communication, and advisor professional development. Each committee is limited to eight members and must attend two virtual meetings. Further, the members must commit to completing any meeting follow-up work, and bring a positive and solution-based approach to the role. There are five requirements to serve in this role:

  1. Must be a SkillsUSA advisor for at least three years

  2. Much be a paid professional member (CTAE supervisor must verify)

  3. Must have received Extended Day Grant for at least one full year (CTAE supervisor must verify)

  4. Must have a minimum of 10 chapter members for the 2022-2023 member year (CTAE supervisor must verify)

  5. Must not owe any funds to SkillsUSA Georgia

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