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Week 12: November 9

We are tardy this week in sending out the Advisor 5, but there is lots of great information packed into this week's newsletter!

If you are attending the Fall Leadership Conference, please read the "Membership" section closely.

Upcoming Dates/Deadlines

Region Registration

  • Region 1 Registration deadline is tomorrow, November 10

    • The Region Championships webpage can be found here.

Chapter Excellence Program

  • The CEP Level 1 deadline is Wednesday, November 15

    • The CEP webpage can be found here.

Fall Leadership Conference

Classroom Activity

Over the next several weeks we will be providing you with classroom activity ideas! These activities are designed to create conversation with fellow classmates and foster learning while having fun. Check out the activity below, and feel free to share pictures of your students participating in the activity by emailing

It’s Not About Me is a great activity to demonstrate how to become great leaders by putting others first. The Framework component covered in this activity is Workplace Skills. It’s Not About Me focuses on the Essential Element of Leadership. This activity also connects to Georgia Performance Standard #1.


This week, the Membership section will be dedicated to Fall Leadership Conference details.

If you are not attending the Fall Leadership Conference, please check out the details in the "Conferences" section regarding Region Championships.

Confirmed Date of Attendance

An email has been sent regarding the date that your chapter has been assigned to attend FLC, but you can also confirm that date by clicking the below button.

This list is final and date changes cannot be made.

Payment Deadline

The payment deadline is Friday, November 17.

Please email if you have any questions regarding your invoice.

FLC Dinner Form

Are you planning to eat dinner at the FFA-FCCLA Center, or will you be heading out after the Closing Ceremony? Please let us know by completing the FLC Dinner form.

The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday, November 14th.

FLC Dietary Restriction Form

Please complete the Dietary Restriction Form by Tuesday, November 14.

Fall Leadership Conference Forms and Schedule

The required conference forms and the schedule for the conference can be found on the Fall Leadership Conference webpage.

We look forward to seeing you at the 2023 Fall Leadership Conference!


Region Championships

Region Championships allow student members an opportunity to showcase their professional skill set and compete against other schools in their region.

The top three winners from each career competition advance to SkillsUSA Georgia’s State Leadership & Skills Conference. In addition, all region contests will have an optional Wild Card testing component. The Wild Card exam is a SkillsUSA knowledge test (similar to the Professional Development test). The test scores will be used to fill slots that didn't fill due to lack of participation in other regions. In other words, taking this test could be your ticket to SLSC!

Who is eligible to compete at Region Championships:

  • All registered SkillsUSA members are eligible to register for Region Championships.

How Do I Register for Region Championships:

  • Advisors will register their students and themselves through the SkillsUSA Georgia Register site.

  • All students and advisors must be registered SkillsUSA members in order to register for Region Championships.

  • No Late registration is allowed.

To view all SkillsUSA Georgia Region Championships information, please visit our website by clicking the button below. All region dates and deadlines are located on the SkillsUSA Georgia website.


Chapter Excellence Program

Have you heard about the Chapter Excellence Program (CEP)?

The Chapter Excellence Program is the single best way to build a successful SkillsUSA chapter! If you are unsure of how to get started or would appreciate direction regarding CEP, you can schedule a one-on-one coaching session with CEP and PoW Coach, Kelli Engelbrecht. With Kelli, you will learn how to integrate the SkillsUSA Framework, articulate your SMART goals, and select and evaluate your Essential Elements within your CEP application.

You can request a coaching session here.


SkillsUSA-Aerotek “Make Your Mark” Scholarship

SkillsUSA members nationwide are encouraged to apply for the SkillsUSA-Aerotek “Make Your Mark” scholarship. The scholarship is for SkillsUSA members who expect direct educational costs for the Spring 2024 term at a community college, apprenticeship or technical college. All applications must be submitted by Nov. 27. Selected applicants will receive up to $5,000 toward tuition, books, tools, on-campus housing and other approved direct educational expenses.

Applicants must be engaged in continuing education/career training in one of the pathways below:

· Construction

· Manufacturing

· Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

· Telecommunications Cabling Training

· Electronics Technology or Industrial Engineering Technology

SkillsUSA Week T-shirt Design Challenge

SkillsUSA is seeking student designs for the official T-shirt of SkillsUSA Week 2024, which will be celebrated Feb. 5-9, 2024. One design will be selected and produced by the SkillsUSA Store. The contest is open to all paid student members. Only one entry per member is permitted. Designs should follow the specifications outlined in the Challenge Guide. The deadline for submissions is Dec. 1 at 5 p.m. ET.


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