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Week 4: August 28

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Welcome to The Advisor Five: The top five topics that will set you up for success! We welcome you to another great school year and look forward to partnering with you to enhance student lives!

Elect Chapter Officers

SkillsUSA’s Chapter Officer Election Toolkit has been prepared to assist in conducting a SkillsUSA chapter officer election process. It is important to honor the work and commitment of the students applying for chapter office to conduct a process that is fair and equitable for all candidates, and most importantly, identify the candidates that can best serve your local chapter in advancing in quality while engaging all members. The actions described in this guide are suggestions and options based on experiences gathered from chapters. Each chapter may need to adjust or modify the actions presented to fit unique needs or time periods. Each chapter should also be familiar with the state officer election process for their specific state, as they may wish to mimic portions of it.

Included in this toolkit:

  • Election Types

  • Election Methods

  • Evaluation Rubrics

  • Other Election & Technical Resources

The toolkit is available for download within the list of resources on the webpage.


Membership Enrollment

The Membership Enrollment process allows students to enroll themselves in the system and advisors the opportunity to quickly and seamlessly register their members.

As always we are here to offer step-by-step help. For help, please contact the Customer Care Team at 844-875-4557 or

Membership Enrollment Resources


  • Enables state associations to evaluate and address how current programs, competitions and initiatives serve all members effectively including underserved or marginalized populations.

  • Demographic data provided by state associations to DOEs will help drive decisions about funding, services offered and the integration of CTSO’s into statewide equity efforts demonstrating the value of SkillsUSA in serving all populations, especially those who have been traditionally left behind because of race, socio-economic status, or academic perceptions.

  • Allows members to enter their personal data into the registration system aiding in the accuracy of the data entered and removing the duty and responsibility from the advisor. Also, advisors did like the fact that when they registered students for conferences all of the critical data fields were already populated (such as home address, date of birth, t-shirt size, etc.).

Membership Dues

Student Dues: $15.00 ($8.00 national + $7.00 state)

Advisor Dues: $27.00 ($20.00 national + $7.00 state)

Date to Submit Membership

According to the SkillsUSA Georgia High School extended day POW, the instructor shall organize and maintain a local chapter of SkillsUSA Georgia by serving as the advisor and shall pay dues with the state and national organization by October 1 each year. Verification of dues will be sent to your local CTAE Director and posted on the Georgia CTSO website.

Chapters are welcome to add members after October 1.

Membership Payment Deadline

All membership fees must be paid by March 1, 2024. No membership is allowed to be submitted after the March 1, 2024 deadline.

Membership Payment Address

Send ONLY membership payment to

SkillsUSA Inc. Attn: Membership Department 14001 SkillsUSA Way Leesburg, VA 20176-5494

Assurance Form and Advisor Code of Conduct Process:

Every participant traveling to a SkillsUSA Georgia event must complete the Registration, Personal & Liability Form.

All Registration, Personal and Liability Release forms of all conference-registered school representatives (including, but not limited to instructors, participants, chaperones and observers) will always remain in the possession of the advisor during the SkillsUSA Conference. You will find the Registration, Personal and Liability form here.


SkillsUSA Georgia Dates and Deadlines

Planning your year is now a breeze! Check out the "Conferences" tab on the SkillsUSA Georgia website to learn more about what events are upcoming and when.

Champions Rally   


Where can you find competition opportunities, an energetic speaker, and a fried Twinkie in one place? The SkillsUSA Georgia Champions Rally at the Georgia National Fair!   


The day kicks off with a motivational rally, and students have an opportunity to participate in several competitive events. These competitive events are intended to guide your chapter into producing recruiting materials for the new school year.   


At the Champions Rally, students will:   

  • Gain knowledge about different Career Pathways when they view the contests submitted.  

  • Produce recruitment materials by utilizing the recruitment contests.  

  • Gain ideas of how other chapters recruit members.   

  • Get excited by a motivational rally!   

  • Make friends and memories as they have a great day at the Fair.   

Champions Rally is a perfect opportunity to host a membership drive to engage students!  


Date: October 6, 2023 

Registration Deadline: September 20, 2023

Contest Registration Deadline: September 20, 2023

Find more information here: Champions Rally Information  


CHARGE Officer Series: Episodes 1 & 2

If you’ve already elected Chapter Officers, then check out CHARGE: A SkillsUSA Chapter Officer Video Series.

For student members, chapter officers are often leaders whom they look up to as role models. These student leaders are at the forefront of chapter activities, recruitment efforts, and competition preparation. They’re SkillsUSA rockstars and they experience firsthand how impactful effective leadership can be! Now, chapter officers have an opportunity to learn and grow their skills through an interactive and collaborative video series called CHARGE. 

The benefit of CHARGE: A Chapter Officer Video Series is that the work has been done for you! Once the chapter officer team has been elected you can educate the new team on their roles and responsibilities without any preparation or facilitation needed. CHARGE is available on the SkillsUSA website, and you can access all 12 Episodes at any time. Each episode is about three minutes long and comes with a downloadable Activity Guide. CHARGE Episode 1 is called Getting to Know Your Team and chapter officers will have a fun time getting to know one another and talking about their goals for the year.  CHARGE Episode 2 is all about the SkillsUSA Framework and makes learning the 17 Essential Elements fun, easy and applicable.  

You can access CHARGE Episode 1 here and the Activity Guide here.

You can access CHARGE Episode 2 here and the Activity Guide here.

Through CHARGE we can help students grow their confidence in their leadership skills on the local level!   


SkillsUSA Resources

SkillsUSA’s Career Essentials website is where SkillsUSA houses curriculum and assessments! The Career Essentials Suite provides turn-key curricula options that teachers across the U.S. implement to ensure their students are fully prepared to succeed in the world of work. The SkillsUSA Career Essentials Suite is a collection of four curricula options, based on learner age:

  • The exploratory curricula is recommended for students ages 12-13.

  • The fundamental curricula is recommended for students ages 14-16.

  • The advanced curricula is recommended for curricula for students 17-19.

  • The adult learner curricula is recommended for students 20 and older.

To access the SkillsUSA Career Essentials website, click here.

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