Program of Work

Chapter activities will provide some of the best opportunities your students will have to learn by doing. A successful program of work creates a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom. Your students learn how to accept responsibility, work as a team, manage a budget, and handle success and failure.


7 key areas:

Professional Development

The purpose of professional development activities is to prepare each SkillsUSA member for entry into the work force and provide a foundation for success in a career.

          Sample Activities for Professional Development:

               • Bring in community speakers on topics such as My First Job, How I Launched My Career or How to be an Entrepreneur

               • Visit the local technical colleges/universities to tour programs



Community Service

The purpose of conducting community service activities is to promote goodwill and to improve understanding among all segments of the community through service, and to instill in members a commitment to serving others.

          Sample Activities for Community Service:

               • Conduct a campus cleanup day

               • Fill shoe boxes with toiletries for the homeless




Employment activities help increase student awareness of quality job practices and attitudes, and also increase the opportunities for employer contact and eventual employment.

          Sample Activities for Employment:

               • Bring in career speakers (one a month)

               • Develop career charts that show education and earning for various careers

               • Take a field trip to see a local company



Ways and Means

Ways and means projects allow students to plan and carry out fund-raising activities that
in turn support social events or the chapter's projects.

          Sample Activities for Ways and Means:

               • Hold a breakfast bake sale before school

               • Sell snacks at rallies or sporting events

               • Volunteer to clean lockers for a small fee



SkillsUSA Championships

The SkillsUSA Championships is a competition program that offers students an opportunity to demonstrate skills and be recognized for them through occupational and leadership events.

          Sample Activities for SkillsUSA Championships:

               • Tour local, regional or state SkillsUSA contests

               • Hold a public speaking contest or job skill demonstration



Public Relations

The public relations component of SkillsUSA makes the general public aware of the good work that students are doing to better themselves as well as their community, their state and the nation.

          Sample Activities for Public Relations:

               • Write stories about your school and take photos

               • Send these stories to the community newspaper or to your school district media contact person

               • Make a short video about your activities to show other classes



Social Activities

Social activities increase cooperation in the school and community by allow SkillsUSA members to get to know one another in something other than a typical classroom setting.​

Almost any activity can be educational if there is planning, a team of people carrying out the event and evaluation of what went well and what can be improved.

          Sample Activities for Social Activities:

               • Hold a pizza party with a DJ and prizes for best dancers or the best karaoke performance

               • Hold movie night with popcorn and snacks

               • Hold a teacher appreciation day and serve lunch



Your Role as an Advisor

Your role as advisor is to help students evaluate their own work and determine how to improve in the future. When students take the lead in activities, they are more interested in the outcome and they'll learn a lot more too. Offer as many formal or informal leadership roles as you can. Be sure students always issue any invitations or thank you notes by phone or mail. Have students greet guests at the door and give tours. Practice in these basic social interactions builds student confidence quickly.



Chapter Calendar

Local chapters typically hold their activities on a monthly basis, according to a calendar of events developed early in the year.

There is no right or wrong combination of activities; just do what works best for your school. It is better to hold a few high quality events during the year than to suffer "busy bee syndrome" and run lots of events "for" the students instead of "by" the students.

Remember, it usually takes students longer to plan activities for themselves than it would take an adult. Allow ample planning time for the student team in charge of each event.



Organize the chapter
Hold a SkillsUSA kickoff event
Elect or appoint local chapter officers
Collect SkillsUSA member dues
Have first chapter meeting
Attend FLC



Conduct a fundraiser, if desired
Install and train local chapter officers
Develop program of work
Hold meeting with a guest speaker
Attend Champions Rally



Hold a chapter meeting
Conduct a community service activity
Attend Falcons Game



Hold a chapter meeting
Conduct a social activity
Attend Thrashers Game



Hold a contest in public speaking
Hold a contest in job interview
Attend Region Championship



Hold a chapter meeting
Celebrate SkillsUSA Week
Attend Region Championship
Attend Day at the Capitol



Hold a chapter meeting
Plan a field trip to area career-technical school
Attend SLSC



Hold a chapter meeting with a guest speaker
Take photos and send to local newspaper
Attend Hawks Game



Hold a chapter meeting
Hold a final social event



Attend NLSC



Prepare for next school year
Hold local officer training session