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Chapter Recruitment Challenge

The Chapter Recruitment Challenge is a Leadership Contest for Fall Leadership Conference: A Career Development Experience. 

The Chapter Recruitment Challenge should be uploaded virtually by October 28, 2022. Link to upload provided below.

Chapter Recruitment Challenge Overview

Welcome to the 2022-2023 SkillsUSA Georgia Recruitment Challenge! The Recruitment Challenge is designed to aid chapters in developing their own creative recruitment strategy while simultaneously allowing them to put their strategy up against similar chapters from across the state of Georgia. Think you’ve got what it takes to become one of SkillsUSA Georgia’s Master of Recruitment Chapters?



The challenge is simple; develop the best recruitment strategy for your local chapter using the tools and resources provided below. Remember that your strategy is unique to your chapter and should be tailored to your school’s climate. The challenge is separated into several different parts: 

  • Best Student Engagement Opportunity

  • Best Informational Handout

  • Best Social Media Post(s)

  • Best Video Engagement (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.)


The grand challenge is the best overall strategy. To achieve the best overall strategy and be named one of SkillsUSA Georgia’s Master of Recruitment Chapters, local chapters must integrate all of these components into one cohesive membership recruitment strategy.

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 1.56.39 PM.png


This part of your recruitment strategy is perhaps the most open ended. The challenge here; find the best way to engage potential members. Some ideas: meet potential members at freshman orientation, help freshmen find their classes on the first day of school, host a social meet up (either in person or online), invite potential new and existing members from last year to a back to school information session. The list of possibilities is endless. Remember that your recruitment strategy is unique to your school and should reflect the climate of your school’s day to day environment. Remember to include virtual students (if applicable)


Tip: Building relationships with potential members is key to generating interest in your local chapter, wearing any SkillsUSA apparel you may have and introducing yourself to new people can be a great way for potential members to make the connection between SkillsUSA and positive relationships! Remember; front-line members are the “face” of the organization for potential members!


The challenge here; create the best printed piece of paper or digital content to put information directly into the hands of potential members. Keep in mind while working on this informational handout that it can come in many different shapes, sizes and forms. Remember that the key to a good recruitment strategy is to answer the who, when, why and how. This informational piece should ideally focus on what makes your local chapter unique and great while also telling potential members what SkillsUSA is.


Tip: We’ve included some standardized language that tells members what SkillsUSA is as well as some key facts about the organization. Use as much or as little as needed. It’s all up to you!



The challenge here; create the best social media post(s) to engage and recruit potential members. Does your chapter not have its own social media accounts? Appoint a chapter officer, or committee chair to be in charge of all social media for the chapter. Social media is a great tool to manage engagement of your chapters' existing members too! Ideally, your chapter should create a series of posts and a posting schedule for these posts so that your messaging is clear and repetitive. Remember, not all members will see every post. Posting multiple times and at different times of the day/week is a great strategy to engage different groups of people.


Tip: Social Media is a great way to engage members that may be attending school in a virtual environment. If your chapter has never considered social media before, now is the time to do so! Remember to include links to your social accounts in all of your other recruitment media!



The challenge here; create a video that engages potential new members and existing members alike. This video should communicate unique things about SkillsUSA (Think: what makes your local chapter unique). This video can include anything and be made with any production quality. (Does your chapter not have an Audio/Video program? Remember that social media is an excellent tool! Create a Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok video and share it on your social media accounts)


Tip: Export your video and share it on all of your social accounts, this is a great way to reach potential members that may have an account on one platform but not the other. Keep in mind that trends are a powerful thing! TikTok is a popular platform that is gaining a larger following each and every day!



The challenge here; tie it all together! How do all of the individual pieces above become one cohesive strategy that converts potential members into active members? SkillsUSA Georgia has created the below chapter recruitment planning tool to plan your Recruitment Strategy. We strongly suggest using this tool to plan all of the individual pieces of your strategy. (HINT: this planning tool is very similar to the online form you will have to fill out in order to submit your strategy, writing in your responses will speed up the submission process considerably!)

Chapter Recruitment Challenge Tool here


Tip: The best strategy is the strategy that will work best for your local chapter. Stay true to who your chapter is. Remember that what works for one chapter may not work for another and vice versa.


Once you have planned your recruitment strategy, devised a plan and implemented your strategy, SkillsUSA Georgia highly encourages you to submit your strategy for consideration to be named one of SkillsUSA Georgia’s Master of Recruitment Chapters!


Master of Recruitment Status will be awarded to the top 10% of chapter recruitment strategies. Note that not all components listed above are required to be awarded as a Master of Recruitment Chapter. In addition to the quality of the overall recruitment strategy as well as the quality of the individual pieces of the strategy, the feasibility of implementation, and the success of the implementation may be considered.

HINT: Got data on how well your activity, social post, or other engagement opportunities did? Tell us! We’d love to know!


Finally, we know that not all chapters are created equally. SkillsUSA Georgia will not measure the success of a chapter with 10 members against the success of a chapter with 250 members. We understand the challenges of chapter recruitment and will take the relative size of the chapter (based on 2022-2023 membership numbers) into account when evaluating individual chapter recruitment strategies. Strategies must be submitted (not completed) using the online form no later than October 28, 2022.


Submission upload form here.


The top 3 individual projects from each of the four categories will be recognized and awarded in addition to the top 10% of all membership recruitment strategies submitted. Winners will be contacted by the SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer through the chapter advisor listed on the online submission.

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