Region Online Testing

The Following Contests Require an Online Test:


Preparing for Online Testing
  1. Secure a testing site that will accommodate the number of students you will be testing during the testing day.


2. Make sure that your school computers can access the testing site:

3. Secure a non SkillsUSA/ACCT, Public Safety or Cosmetology related testing proctor. Suggestions include librarians, counselors, administrators, IT staff, etc.

4. Make sure that you as the advisor AND each proctor that you will plan to use has completed and signed the Security Agreement Form and submit this (below) to SkillsUSA Georgia by Tuesday, January 7th, 2020. Without this form, we will not allow your students to test.

5. Ensure your students are registered in the online system by midnight on December 6, 2019. After this time frame there will be no refunds. If a student cannot test, make sure to take them out prior to this deadline to avoid being charged.

6. Payment should be included in your region check.

7. Confirm the testing times with each of your students and ensure they know where they will be testing.

8. Proctors will be emailed login instructions and a proctor script no later than January 8th. Without this documentation in hand, they will not be able to log your students in for competition. Please verify they get a copy of this.

9. If in doubt about anything, call the state office at 866-503-3169 so we can help you have a successful testing week.


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