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SkillsUSA Georgia Championships

The SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards are the official rules of all Nationally recognize contests. The official Technical Standards can be found on the SkillsUSA Registration Site by logging in with your paid professional membership and Pin number (retrieval guide found here). Please be sure to reference the Technical Standards for the current school year, as they are updated on an annual basis by the National SkillsUSA Staff. 

Please note that all Georgia Only contests are governed by their own rules not found in the official technical standards. These contest rules can be found under downloads at the bottom of this page.


Contest Chart Key Definitions

Georgia Only

Indicates that the contest is only held at SLSC. Does not advance to NLSC.


Indicated that the contest is a nationally recognized contest

Region Qualifier

Yes indicates that the competitor must win their region contest to advance to SLSC, then NLSC

Middle School Eligibility

"Yes, GA Only" indicates that the competitor may only compete at the state level, they will not advance to NLSC

"Yes" indicates that the competitor will advance to NLSC if they win the contest at the state level

Technical Standards

Indicates that the official rules for the contest are available through the SkillsUSA Championships Technical Standards

Download Rules

Indicates that the rules for the said contest should be downloaded from the downloads section at the bottom of this page.

Multiple Contest Entries

You can enter into more than one competitive event if the second competitive event is submission only. 

Georgia Only or​ National?
Middle School
Team or

Georgia Only Contest Rules

Unbolded Contests Rules Coming Soon!

Cosmetology Hair Design Display

Cosmetology Nail Design Display

Digital Cinema Production

ESE Video Contest

TV Video Production