SkillsUSA Knowledge Testing

Important: SkillsUSA Georgia uses the SkillsUSA Knowledge Test as a tie-breaker in the event of a contest tie. Competitors are encouraged to take this test seriously.

The Knowledge Test will be available March 2nd through March 6th.  However, once your student sits down to take the test, they must complete it in the 90 minute testing period. The entire test is accessible throughout the test session. Please review the use of scroll bars with competitors prior to testing and remind them not to close the testing window. Closing the test window terminates the test without scoring and disqualifies the competitor in this event.

  1. Secure a testing site that will accommodate the number of students you will be testing during the testing day.                              

  2. Make sure that your school computers can access the testing site:                                  

  3. Secure a non-SkillsUSA/ACCT, Public Safety or Cosmetology related testing proctor. This person will receive the secure link from SkillsUSA GA to log your students into the system when they report to test. Suggestions include librarians, counselors, administrators, IT staff, etc.                                                                                                                                                

  4. Complete the Security Agreement Form (embedded below). You will be required to download the Security Agreement Form then upload the completed document to the form below. (please do not fax). Without this form, we will not allow your students to test.          

  5. Confirm the testing times with each of your students and ensure they know where they will be testing.                                        

  6. Proctors will be emailed a link to the online SkillsUSA Knowledge Test on March 1st.                                                                                    

  7. If in doubt about anything, call the state office at 866-503-3169 so we can help you have a successful testing week.


SkillsUSA Knowledge Testing FAQ's

What do I have to do before I can test?

Before testing, you must submit a signed testing security agreement. The link to submit the agreement is located above

When is the testing period?

The PDP test is available between March 2nd and March 6th. You may access the test at any time during this period.

When will my proctor receive testing instructions?

Your proctor that you named in the PDP testing security agreement should receive an email containing instructions on the testing process and how to access the test on March 1st. Please contact the SkillsUSA Georgia State Office if your proctor doesn't receive this email.

What are the qualifications to be a proctor?

Your proctor must be a non-SkillsUSA/ACCT, Public Safety or Cosmetology related instructor and must be a school district employee. This person must be identified on your PDP Testing Security Agreement.

Security Agreement Form

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