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State Community Service Project


Community service is one of the pillars of SkillsUSA. Service Orientation is one of our 17 Essential Elements and giving back to our local communities is a fantastic way to practice putting service orientation into action. This community service project being statewide allows all of SkillsUSA Georgia to get involved with the one goal of giving back to individual communities and growing as individuals, chapters, and a state association as a whole. 


For SkillsUSA Georgia’s 2023 Community Service Project we would like every chapter to show their support for the organization CHRIS 180. 


CHRIS 180 helps children, young adults and families who have experienced trauma change the direction of their lives to become more productive, self-sufficient members of the community. They do this through mental health counseling, training, providing safe housing and real-world skill building. CHRIS 180's goal is to help those that they serve build resiliency to overcome life's challenges. 

CHRIS 180 is local to Atlanta, Georgia and CHRIS is an acronym that stands for their core values: Creativity, Honor, Respect, Integrity and Safety. 


Local chapters can participate by collecting and packaging the below items. Chapter members could spend time assembling various kits and care packages. There are many options for donating to CHRIS 180 and however your chapter decides to participate is fantastic! 

Hygiene Kits

Hygiene Kits provide those we serve with basic hygiene items needed to self-groom and feel refreshed each day. Program staff distributes hygiene kits at our drop-in centers, community outreach, and homeless encampments.  Typically, we see travel-sized items put together in a Ziploc bag. Items that are included are shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer, mask, tampons/pads, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, washcloth, or hand towel.

CHRIS Care Packs

CHRIS Care Packs provide children and youth who are entering our residential programs with much-needed necessities. CHRIS Care Packs are duffle bags or book bags filled with items that help ease their transition. CHRIS Care Packs can include but are not limited to pajamas, socks, a stuffed animal, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a journal or storybook, and a blanket. These items provide a sense of comfort during what can be a traumatic time in our clients’ lives.

Welcome Home Kits

CHRIS 180 provides safe, stable, and supportive housing, essential support services, housing assistance, and basic needs for homeless youth at our drop-in centers and in our apartment complex for homeless youth and youth aging out of foster care; for homeless young adults and homeless families with children in the community who are helped through our Outreach and Community Housing program.

When these youth, young adults, and families who have experienced long-term homelessness finally obtain housing, they typically have ZERO of the items needed and it can be very overwhelming! As they are rebuilding their lives and escaping homelessness, we want to provide them with not only housing and support services but a Welcome Home Kit to help ease their transition into housing and provide them with basic items that every home needs.

We estimate the cost of each kit to be $250. For your convenience, you can find many of these items at your local dollar store.

 1 Queen sheet set                                                              1 Queen-sized blanket

 1 pillow                                                                                  1 set of 4 plates, bowls, and cups

 1 set of 4 forks, spoons, and knives                                1 3-piece knife set for food prep

 1 medium saucepan with lid                                             1 frying pan

 1 baking sheet                                                                     1 spatula

 1 cooking spoon                                                                  1 can opener

 1 pair kitchen scissors                                                       2 dishtowels

 2 60-watt LED light bulbs                                                  2 sets of bath towels

 Basic hygiene products (toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, soap, etc)

 1 shower liner                                                                      1 set of shower rings

 1 laundry basket                                                                 1 laundry detergent (HE)

 1 package of at least 4 toilet paper rolls                         2 rolls paper towels

 1 broom                                                                                2 cleaning sponges

 1 liquid dish soap


Snack Packs

Snack Packs can be used across many of our programs. We provide them to the young adults that visit the Drop-In-Center, individuals during outreach in the homeless encampments, children and youth in our foster group homes, and children and youth that visit the CHRIS Counseling Centers. Snack Packs typically include goldfish and or chips, fruit snacks, juice, fruit cup, and mini bottled water. Please note that these are suggested items, and items can be purchased from anywhere.

Play Therapy / Art Therapy Kits

Play and art therapy are treatment options provided for children who lack the ability to describe their feelings, do not know exactly how they feel, or simply feel unsafe talking about their deep-seated emotions. We use both play and art therapy to help children and adolescents explore their emotions and trauma through creativity. Play and Art Therapy Kits include but are not limited to Legos, fidget spinners, Play-doh, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and kinetic sand. These items are easily found in dollar stores and can then be put together into paper bags or plastic bags to create kits ready to go straight to our clients.

Outreach Bracelets

CHRIS 180 goes wherever the need is, and sometimes that need is right on the streets of Atlanta. Our outreach team visits areas in Metro Atlanta where they encounter young adults experiencing homelessness. Our goal is to inform them of CHRIS 180’s programs and services and provide them with basic needs. We also provide them with an outreach bracelet that includes the phone number (404-564-5201) to our Drop-In-Center. The Drop-In-Center is a safe space where young adults can plan and prepare for their future. The young adults can receive help with basic needs, a behavioral health assessment, life skills, resume and job-skill building, therapy, and assistance securing housing.

Outreach Bracelets are also utilized by the Cure Violence Program. Cure Violence interrupts the transmission of retaliatory violence through mediation and conflict resolution techniques. The bracelets are distributed throughout the community and include the phone number of the Cure Violence office (470-562-8676), to inform residents that there is a safe space in the community to talk and heal after a violent incident has occurred. *(orange and black beads are preferred)

The supplies needed for this project can be bought online at places like Amazon or in person at Michael’s or other art supply stores.


Summer Fun Packs

Summer Fun Packs provide the children and youth in our residential programs with fun items to engage with during the summer break. These items provide healthy coping mechanisms for clients during their summer downtime. Packs typically include hand games, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, small toys, and learning items.

Pronoun Pins/ Necklaces

At CHRIS 180 it is our mission to treat everyone with dignity and respect. It is our goal to ensure that both clients and staff know that CHRIS 180 is an organization that upholds respect for those that choose to self-identify.  Pronoun Pins/ Necklaces equips our organization with the necessary tools to continue cultivating a culture of respect and free of judgment. Pronoun pins typically involve creating a design using the free tool canva. Once the design is complete it can be sent over to for approval. Once the design has been approved then the design is printed and placed into clear buttons. Pronoun necklaces involve using elastic string, beads of any color, and letter beads to spell out various pronouns.

Confidence Bags

Confidence Bags provide the necessary resource for CHRIS 180 to continue trauma informed care. Confidence Bags are a great way for the organization to uplift and affirm individuals who identify as being apart of the LGBTQ community. Confidence bags typically include a diverse array of affirming items including pride flags, pride pins, pride bandanas, and other pride swag.  

Chapter Excellence Program

Chapters can use this activity for Chapter Excellence Program level 1 or level 2 as this event was planned to exemplify Service Orientation and Safety and Health under the Technical Skills Grounded in Academics. Your chapter would need to create their own SMART goals for this event if your chapter chooses this as an activity for CEP. 


We should always have a willing heart to help people in need. SkillsUSA Georgia would love to honor chapters that participate in this State Community Service Project. If your chapter chooses to participate, please complete the State Community Service Project Form found by January 12th, 2024. Be sure to include a photo of your group’s participation. If you complete the form below by January 12th, 2023, your chapter will be recognized at SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership & Skills Conference in 2023. 

Please bring your kits and items to the State Leadership and Skills Conference as they will be delivered to the organization. 

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