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State Community Service Project


Community service is one of the pillars of SkillsUSA. Service Orientation is one of our 17 Essential Elements and giving back to our local communities is a fantastic way to practice putting service orientation into action. This community service project being statewide allows all of SkillsUSA Georgia to get involved with the one goal of giving back to individual communities and growing as individuals, chapters, and a state association as a whole. 


For SkillsUSA Georgia’s 2022 Community Service Project we would like for every chapter to participate in a blanket drive for people in need. A chapter can either purchase blankets or make blankets to donate to any local group in need. For example, chapters can donate to homeless shelters, foster homes, or any charitable organization that provides blankets.


Local chapters can participate by hosting a blanket drive. Chapters could also host a blanket making night where they ask chapter or community members to donate materials to make blankets (listed below).  Then chapter members could spend some time assembling the blankets so they can be donated to local organizations. Either way you decide to participate is fantastic. 

Chapter Excellence Program

Chapters can use this activity for Chapter Excellence Program level 1 or level 2 as this event was planned to exemplify Service Orientation and Safety and Health under the Technical Skills Grounded in Academics. Your chapter would need to create their own SMART goals for this event if your chapter chooses this as an activity for CEP. 


We should always have a willing heart to help people in need. SkillsUSA Georgia would love to honor chapters that participate in this State Community Service Project. If your chapter chooses to participate, please complete the State Community Service Project Form found by January 11th, 2023. Be sure to include a photo of your group’s participation. If you complete the form below by January 11th, 2023, your chapter will be recognized at SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership & Skills Conference in 2023. 

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