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State Officer Candidate Information

State Officer Application deadline is January 12, 2024

Becoming a State Officer Candidate is the next step in obtaining a SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer Position.

Dates and Deadlines 

  • Dec. 1, 2023 - Candidate Guide Released

  • Jan. 12, 2024 - Application Due

  • Jan. 17, 2024 - Virtual Candidate Meeting

  • Jan. 19, 2024 - Online Exam

  • Jan. 26, 2024 - Virtual Interviews

  • Feb. 2, 2024 - Campaign Materials Due

  • Feb. 22-24, 2024 - State Leadership and Skills Conference in Atlanta, GA


A SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer is a role intended to serve the members of SkillsUSA Georgia. Officers are not only the face of the organization but are the back bone behind each conference throughout the year.  This is a commitment that will require a great deal of time and effort during the summer of 2024 and the following school year.  As representatives of SkillsUSA Georgia, it is imperative that you read through the following information as it pertains to policies and procedures that will be carried out.

You will be notified via email that your State Officer Candidate Application has been received.  You will be sent a State Officer Candidate Update email detailing the times, places and functions you are expected to attend during the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

  1. A student must be a member for at least two years (the second year can include the year they are running).

  2. A student must be either a sophomore or junior to run for a SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer position.

  3. A student must have completed one course in the below areas AND plan to take an additional course during the year of service: Architecture, Construction, Graphics, Video, Transportation, Public Safety, or Cosmetology.

  4. A school may run only one State Officer candidate.

  5. A state officer MUST be enrolled in their high school/career center full-time for their year of service, per membership bylaws.

  6. A slate of 5 officers will be elected. The 5 candidates with the highest total score will compose the slate of officers. During the State Officer Training, it will be determined which office each elected student will hold.

  7. A candidate may ONLY compete in a leadership contest during their year of   service and year of campaigning.

A slate of 5 officers may be elected if SkillsUSA Georgia has a National Officer Candidate to make a total of six. National Officer Candidates are selected in February by a nationwide panel. Only previous State Officers are eligible to apply to become a SkillsUSA Georgia National Officer Candidate.

National Officer Candidates

In order to become a National Officer candidate, you have to have served as a State Officer first. The SkillsUSA Georgia State Office has held conversations with the National Office, and it is their recommendation that a state association send a Candidate that has served as a State Officer. It is our desire to send the most qualified Candidate to the national level to represent SkillsUSA Georgia and believe that the State Officer program is the best platform to set students up for success in a leadership capacity.

  1. The student must be a Junior to run as a National Officer candidate. 

  2. The student must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible to run. 

  3. SkillsUSA Georgia must receive an email from a parent/guardian and SkillsUSA Georgia advisor giving their endorsement. 

  4. The student must have a class in one of the following training areas: Architecture, Construction, Graphics, Video, Transportation, Public Safety or Cosmetology. 

  5. The student must be in good standing with the state association. 

  6. The student must be a registered member to be eligible to become a National Officer candidate. 

  7. The student must have complete knowledge of the POWERR formula and be able to demonstrate how to write a speech using the POWERR formula. 

  8. The student must recite the SkillsUSA Pledge, Creed, Mission and Motto in front of the interview committee. 

  9. The student must demonstrate an understanding of the SkillsUSA Framework including the Framework Components and the Essential Elements. 

  10. The student must complete the first unit of the Career Essentials Suite: Fundamentals – Reliability. This course will address three Essential Elements: Integrity, Professionalism and Responsibility. 

  11. The student must submit their score of both the “Reliability” pre-test and post-test. 

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