More Information will be Released in February 2021

In keeping with the traditions of SkillsUSA, SkillsUSA Georgia remains committed to electing state officers in a format that is representative of the typical in-person experience at the State Leadership and Skills Conference. To respond to this commitment, SkillsUSA Georgia has created the "Voting Delegate Experience" to guide both candidates and delegates through the state officer election process. This experience will include a virtual meet the candidates sessions as well as a virtual voting process. Prospective candidates are encouraged to learn more here.

Please ensure that you have a SkillsUSA CONNECT account. For information on how to create a CONNECT account, please click here.  

Voting Delegates

Voting Delegates play an important role in electing SkillsUSA Georgia's State Officer Team. Each chapter is alloted a specified number of voting delegates based on their OFFICIAL REGISTERED membership. Voting delegates are assinged as follows: