Fall Leadership Conference


Join SkillsUSA Georgia members from across the state of Georgia for a day full of impactful leadership development centered around the SkillsUSA Framework! This conference will equip you with the tools necessary to have a successful school year!


Fall Leadership Conference Day - Of Checklist 

Two Unique Conference Offerings!

SkillsUSA Georgia is excited to offer two unique leadership development conferences this year! In addition to hosting the first-ever virtual Fall Leadership Conference, SkillsUSA Georgia is excited to also host Elevate, the first-ever SkillsUSA Chapter Officer Development Conference! Read below for more information on each conference offering!


First, Join us for SkillsUSA Georgia's Virtual Fall Leadership Conference. The Fall Leadership Conference is designed for all SkillsUSA members to develop their personal, workplace and technical skills in the areas in which they need the most development. As apart of the conference, SkillsUSA Georgia members will apply their knowledge of the SkillsUSA Framework to interactive activities and challenges!

Next, SkillsUSA Chapter Officers are invited to join us for "Elevate: SkillsUSA Chapter Officer Development Conference." Elevate is designed to equip SkillsUSA Chapter Officers with the tools the they will need to lead successful local SkillsUSA Chapters. In order to participate, students must be SkillsUSA Chapter Officers and have completed the Fall Leadership Conference

Conference Date: November 17, 2020 (9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)

Payment Deadline: November 13, 2020

Registration Fee: $5 (in addition to Fall Leadership Conference fee) 

You will register for this conference when you register students for the Fall Leadership Conference. 





Conference Date: November 13, 2020 (9 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.)

Registration Costs

Early Bird Special: $20 Registration Fee

Early Bird Registration Deadline: October 14, 2020 (5:00 p.m. deadline) 

Registration Fee: $25 (after October 14th) 

Payment Deadline: November 13, 2020

Registration Deadline: EXTENDED November 2, 2020 (5 pm)

*Due to logistics surrounding the virtual delivery of this conference, no late registrations will be permitted. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Must be a paid and submitted SkillsUSA Member

  • Must create a SkillsUSA CONNECT account prior to the conference

  • Must complete the SkillsUSA Framework Essential Elements Self-Evaluation in SkillsUSA CONNECT Prior to the conference.

  • Must complete the Framework Certification in SkillsUSA Absorb at least one-week prior to the conference.

  • Must complete the SkillsUSA Statesman Quiz in SkillsUSA Absorb at least one-week prior to the conference.

  • Must be a paid and submitted SkillsUSA Member.

  • Must be a SkillsUSA Chapter Officer.

  • Must have attended the Fall Leadership Conference.

  • Must create/join your chapter group in SkillsUSA CONNECT prior to the conference (instructions available here)

  • Must have earned the SkillsUSA Framework Certification at the Fall Leadership Conference

Registration Instructions


Registration for both conferences will be hosted on SkillsUSA Register, SkillsUSA's membership information system. Advisor will register all participants on SkillsUSA Register. Here, advisors will also find instructions on how to have students create their SkillsUSA CONNECT account. For more information on how create a SkillsUSA CONNECT account, see here.


Click the button above to be taken to SkillsUSA CONNECT

Frequently asked questions

Where do I register?

All registrations for both conferences will be via SkillsUSA Register, SkillsUSA's Membership Information System. ( To register for conference, participants must first be a registered SkillsUSA member in SkillsUSA register.

What is SkillsUSA CONNECT? How do I create an account?

SkillsUSA CONNECT is SkillsUSA's brand-new virtual community. SkillsUSA CONNECT is a platform to promote engement and collaboration within SkillsUSA. Both conferences will be hosted within SkillsUSA CONNECT. To learn more about how to create an account, Click here. Remember: Each participant must create a SkillsUSA CONNECT account prior to the conference in order to access the required pre-work.

Do I have to participate in both conferences?

The short answer: No Participants are not required to particpate in both Fall Leadership Conference and Elevate. However, partipants wishing to particpate in Elevate are required to attend the Fall Leadership Conference. Elevate builds on the skills learned within the Fall Leadership Conference, and without this solid foundation, students won't be successful in Elevate.

Do I have to pick one conference or the other?

No! Fall Leadership Conference is open to ALL SkillsUSA members. Everyone is encouraged to attend FLC Elevate is open to SkillsUSA Chapter Officers. All Elevate attendees should attend the Fall Leadership Conference.