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Region Championships


Welcome to the SkillsUSA Georgia  Region Championships! 

Region Championships is an opportunity for student members to showcase their skills on the region level. Explore which region you belong to and the various competition offerings. 

Region info
Region Championships Information

Jan. 3: 

  • Scroll to the "Competition Details" section to access the Video News Production prompt and guidelines. 

Jan. 10:

  • Region Online Testing (including the Wild Card test) has been extended to January 12 at 5:00 pm. 

Jan. 12:

  • Congratulations to the following schools for advancing to the State Leadership Conference for the TeamWorks competition. 

    • Rome High School

    • Fannin County High School

    • Franklin County High School 

Region Championships Information


What is Region Championships: 

Region Championships allow student members to showcase their professional skill set and compete against other competitors in their region. Region Championships are held to determine the students that will advance to our SkillsUSA State Leadership & Skills Conference. Discover below the difference between the Region Championships Qualifiers and the State Qualifiers competition offerings.


All 1st - 3rd place winners will advance to the State Leadership and Skills Conference. 

Region Championships Qualifying Competitions 

Region Championships are held to determine the students that will advance to our SkillsUSA State Leadership & Skills Conference. The top three winners from each career competition advance to SkillsUSA Georgia’s State Leadership & Skills Conference. All region contests will have an optional Wild Card testing component. The test that will be offered will be a general SkillsUSA knowledge test (similar to the Professional Development test). The test scores will be used to fill slots that didn't fill due to lack of participation in other regions. In other words, taking this test could be your ticket to SLSC! 

State Qualifying Competitions 

There are a select group of competitions that constitute as "State Qualifying Competitions." These competitions allow for any SkillsUSA Georgia member, despite their region, to compete for a spot at the State Leadership and Skills Conference. These competitions are noted in the competition offerings chart. 


Who is eligible to compete at Region Championships: 

All registered SkillsUSA members are eligible to register for Region Championships.

Region Championships Details 


Please download the document below for information regarding the following topics: 

  • Dates, Deadlines, and Details

  • Tentative Agenda

  • Region Chairperson Contact Information

  • Cost of Region Championships by Region 

  • How to Register

  • Conference Policies

  • Required Forms

  • Preparing for Region Championships

  • Online Testing

  • Testing Day-Of Instructions

Last updated on 11/9/2023. 

Competitin Offerings

Competition Offerings 

Please note that the esthetics models must register as observers. 

Screen Shot 2023-11-13 at 11_edited.jpg

Competition Details

Skills Challenges 

SkillsUSA students will now compete at the AGC Georgia Skills Challenges as their bid to SkillsUSA Georgia's State Leadership and Skills Conference (SLSC). Student members have an opportunity to qualify in six construction trade competitions: 

  • Carpentry 

  • Electrical Construction Wiring 

  • Masonry 

  • Plumbing

  • TeamWorks 

  • Welding

This new arrangement will allow more students per school the opportunity to compete regionally for a bid to SLSC and will allow for more competition spots at SLSC. 

To learn more, please visit the Skills Challenges webpage by clicking the box below. 

Prepared Speech 


The SkillsUSA Annual Theme

This topic is to be addressed by competitors in the SkillsUSA Chapter Display, Prepared Speech and Promotional Bulletin Board competitions. The SkillsUSA competition theme for the 2023-24 school year is: SkillsUSA: No Limits.

Crime Scene Investigation 

Crime Scene Investigation Update here

Student competitors will have an opportunity to showcase their skills by participating in the Crime Scene Investigation competition. This competition will NOT take place at a physical Region Championships location but will take place in the home school's classroom. 

Video Walkthrough 

You can find details regarding the CSI competition (as well as an overview of LPS contests) via this video walkthrough here: CSI/LPS Video Walkthrough 


Registration Details 

  • Registration for this event is in SkillsUSA Register

  • You can find the competition registration by clicking "Region - Crime Scene Investigation" in the drop-down menu 

  • Step-by-Step registration directions can be found here


Registration Deadline 

  • The deadline to register for this event is December 8, 2023 

Proctor Needs

  • A proctor for this competition will be needed to set up the competition area, to ensure the Zoom Conference Meeting is working properly, and to monitor the competition. 

  • The proctor cannot be a SkillsUSA Georgia advisor. 

Competition Details 

  • The below document outlines the competition details.  

Video News Production

Prompt Release Date 

The Video News Production Project Prompt will be released on Wednesday, January 3. 

Submission Deadline

The Video News Production Project submission deadline is Friday, January 12 by 5:00 p.m. ​

Registration Note

The team limit is 4 competitors.

The school limit is 1 team per school. 


TeamWorks Testing 

Congratulations to our TeamWorks qualifiers! These seven schools will advance to SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership and Skills Conference (SLSC).

Qualified via Region Online Testing (selected on 1.12.24) 

  • Rome High School

  • Franklin County High School 

  • Murray County High School 

Qualified via AGC Skills Challenges

  • Chattooga High School

  • Fannin County High School

  • Roswell High School

  • West Laurens High School

Attended AGC Skills Challenges and Qualified via Online Exam

  • Camden County High School

  • Gordon Central High School

  • Marietta High School

We have three spots remaining for TeamWorks at SLSC. Rather than leaving these spots unfilled, we are excited to announce that we will reopen TeamWorks, giving three additional chapters an opportunity to participate in this competition and showcase their skills at the state level.


To secure one of the remaining three TeamWorks spots at SLSC, all four team members must complete their designated test by January 11, 2024. Individual scores will be averaged to determine a team score, and the top three team scores will earn the remaining three qualifying spots for SLSC. This online exam is open to all construction training programs, whether or not they participated in the AGC Skills Challenges. The last three qualifiers will be announced on January 12, 2024.


Congratulations to our qualifying teams and best of luck to our prospective competitors! We appreciate your patience as we fine-tune this process. We are actively collaborating with AGC Georgia to streamline and enhance this process for next year. Our goal is to offer TeamWorks in its true form at future AGC Skills Challenges, eliminating the need for a testing process altogether and allowing students to demonstrate their technical skills physically.


To see a full communication timeline of the TeamWorks competition update please see the following document: TeamWorks Updates. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we strive to make TeamWorks and other competitions a rewarding experience for all participants.


Please click on the buttons below to access the TeamWorks exams. There is no additional registration required to take this exam. Testing and proctor instructions can be found in the Region Championships Details Document. 

Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry Arts, and Restaurant Services

The top 4 test takers in these contests will advance to the State Leadership and Skills Conference. 

Region Specific Updates

Click your region below to determine if there are any updates that are unique to your region. 


Region Championships Details Document

Proctor Form 

Student Supervision Verification 

Registration, Personal, and Liability Release Form

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