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December 11: Virtual Region Registration Deadline

2021 SLSC Announcement
Tools to be Successful This Year
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SkillsUSA's Commitment to Our Members

SkillsUSA Georgia stands with and upholds the statement shared by our National Executive Director, Chelle Travis. It is also our commitment to to create positive environments of inclusion and support wherever and whenever we can. Specifically to our Black community members we stand with you in solidarity and support.

Spotlight on Members

Read about how SkillsUSA and the technical, workplace and personal skills she learned inspired Frieda to pursue a career in criminology.

Alliance Academy

for Innovation

Read about how Alliance Academy's chapter officer team educated city leaders on SkillsUSA and earned recognition for their work.


High School

Read about how Greenbrier members thanked teachers, administrators and leaders for their support.

Hannah Ferrando

Read about how winning a state silver medal inspired Hannah to pursue a career in the criminal justice field.

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