NOW ANNOUNCING: 2021-2022 SkillsUSA Theme

"United as One"

SkillsUSA is excited to announce the official theme for the 2021-2022 membership year: "United as One." Please join us in becoming "United as One" by utilizing the theme artwork in your chapter publications and presentations.

SkillsUSA: United as One Theme Song

SkillsUSA Georgia 2021-2022 Statement


SkillsUSA Georgia is committed to hosting in-person events for the 2021-2022 school year. Keeping professional and student members safe is the priority of the SkillsUSA Georgia state office. Thus, the state office will continue to monitor the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. SkillsUSA Georgia events will be hosted in-person as long as the safety and health of SkillsUSA Georgia members is not compromised. 

Back to School Website Overview 

Check out the website overview below which reviews the Calendar of Events, the Tools to be Successful This Year, Conferences  and more! 

What's Our Name?


You wouldn't call the White House, "the House," and you wouldn't call Chick-fil-A, "Chick," so why do we often shorten our organization's name?


We're not "Skills," or "Skillz," or "SkillsChampionships." We are SkillsUSA! Practice calling the organization by the correct name in your chapters, when you meet potential new members, and when you talk to members in your community and beyond. It will make you appear more professional and show that you care about the organization that you are a part of! 

Tools to be Successful This Year
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Spotlight on Members

Read about how SkillsUSA and the technical, workplace and personal skills she learned inspired Frieda to pursue a career in criminology.


Alliance Academy

for Innovation

Read about how Alliance Academy's chapter officer team educated city leaders on SkillsUSA and earned recognition for their work.



High School

Read about how Greenbrier members thanked teachers, administrators and leaders for their support.


Hannah Ferrando

Read about how winning a state silver medal inspired Hannah to pursue a career in the criminal justice field.