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Students can only compete in one career competition with the exception of career competitions that are pre submission.

Please see the Championships Lookup Tool below to view specific dress code requirements and to access the Technical Standards. A final list of contest offerings will be available in November when the National SkillsUSA office provides this information to us. 

All pre-submission contest information can be found in the Championship Lookup Tool.

All pre-submissions are due February 17, 2023.

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Championships Resources

View and download our SkillsUSA Georgia Championships resources to view contests by career cluster and the hierarchy of the SkillsUSA Georgia Championships.


Contest Details Finder

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Business and Industry Video Production

Georgia Only Contest (Does Not Advance to NLSC)

The competitors should creatively communicate to and motivate business and industry representatives using the theme provided.

Region Qualifier?


Advance to NLSC?


# of Competitors

Team of 2-5

Contest Clothing

No Clothing Requirements

Contest Rules

SkillsUSA Georgia Contest Guide

This contest is a Georgia only contest and is thus governed by the SkillsUSA Georgia Contest Guide for this contest. This document outlines contest requirements, scope, equipment needed as well as competencies assessed during the contest. Competitors and their advisors should also check the contest updates page prior to the State Leadership and Skills Conference for any contest changes or modifications.

Purchase Contest Clothing

Contest Updates

Prior to the State Leadership and Skills Conference, technical committees often make updates to the rules or supply additional information for their contest. To ensure your success as a competitor, please check the contest updates page regularly before the State Leadership and Skills Conference to ensure that you have the latest information. All contest updates will also be available in the conference app.


Accessing Scorecards


Evidence of Student Learning 

The SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership & Skills Conference provides feedback on student performance based on competency standards that are set by industry. 



Supporting career readiness, the SkillsUSA Championships Scorecards express each member’s performance rated against National Technical Standards identified as essential knowledge and skills in the field of study. These Scorecards provide evidence of student learning and achievement as demonstrated by their participation in SkillsUSA Georgia career competitions at SLSC. The scorecards provide feedback for both advisors and members in helping them assess areas for improvement in course instruction and student learning. 


Score cards will be released by April 3, 2023. 


Accessing scorecards

In order to access competitors' score cards, you must have the contestant number and their birth date entered on the registration form. Advisors receive a chapter summary sheet in the registration packet that has the contestant numbers on it. Keep this chapter summary sheet until after scorecards are released and reviewed by advisors and competitors.


Step By Step Directions 

Website for SLSC scores here

  1. Click Detailed Scores 

  2. Select GA- 2023 State Leadership and Skills Conference High School 

  3. Input Contestant Number 

  4. Input Contestant Birthday 

How do I find out my contestant's birthday? View this step by step video to show you how to pull a report with all contestants' birthdays.