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Week 16: January 2

Welcome to The Advisor Five: The top five topics that will set you up for success! We welcome you to another great school year and look forward to partnering with you to enhance student lives!

Upcoming Dates/Deadlines

State Officer Candidate Application

Jan. 12: State Officer Application Deadline

Region Championships

Jan. 9: Wild Card Testing

Jan.11: Wild Card Testing

Now - Jan. 11: TeamWorks Testing

Jan. 12: TeamWorks Qualifiers Announced

State Leadership and Skills Conference

Jan. 8: Membership Registration Deadline to be Eligible to Attend

Jan. 9: Registration Opens

Jan. 9: Hotel Planner Opens

Jan. 12: Community Service Form Due

Jan. 19: Advisor of the Year Application Deadline

Jan. 23: Registration Closes

Jan. 23: Hotel Planner Deadline

Jan. 25: Invoices Emailed to Advisors

Jan. 29: Testing Opens

Feb. 9: Testing Closes

Feb. 9: Payment Due

Feb. 9: Assurance and Advisor Code of Conduct Forms Due

Feb. 16 Pre-Submission Contests Deadlines

Feb. 16: Resume Uploads Due

Classroom Activity

Big Picture Puzzle is a great activity to teach students about perspective and conflict resolution. The Framework component covered in this activity is Workplace Skills. Big Picture Puzzle focuses on the Essential Element of Planning, Organizing, & Management. This activity also connects to Georgia Performance Standard #1 


Community Service Opportunity 

Community service is one of the pillars of SkillsUSA. Service Orientation is one of our 17 Essential Elements and giving back to our local communities is a fantastic way to practice putting service orientation into action. This community service project being statewide allows all of SkillsUSA Georgia to get involved with the one goal of giving back to individual communities and growing as individuals, chapters, and a state association as a whole.

To find out more, please visit the website link provided below. 

The deadline to submit your Community Service Project participation form is January 12.


Region Championships

Region Championships allow student members an opportunity to showcase their professional skill set and compete against other schools in their region.

The top three winners from each career competition advance to SkillsUSA Georgia’s State Leadership & Skills Conference. In addition, all region contests will have an optional Wild Card testing component. The Wild Card exam is a SkillsUSA knowledge test (similar to the Professional Development test). The test scores will be used to fill slots that didn't fill due to lack of participation in other regions. In other words, taking this test could be your ticket to SLSC!

Who is eligible to compete at Region Championships:

  • All registered SkillsUSA members are eligible to register for Region Championships.

How Do I Register for Region Championships:

  • Advisors will register their students and themselves through the SkillsUSA Georgia Register site.

  • All students and advisors must be registered SkillsUSA members in order to register for Region Championships.

  • No Late registration is allowed.

To view all SkillsUSA Georgia Region Championships information, please visit our website by clicking the button below. All region dates and deadlines are located on the SkillsUSA Georgia website.


Fall Leadership Conference

Thank you to those who completed the Fall Leadership Conference survey!

Please see below for the student and advisor survey participant gift card winners. Winners, your gift card will be emailed to you shortly, and congratulations!




Region Championships


Congratulations to our TeamWorks qualifiers!

We have three spots remaining for TeamWorks at SLSC. Rather than leaving these spots unfilled, we are excited to announce that we will reopen TeamWorks, giving three additional chapters an opportunity to participate in this competition and showcase their skills at the state level.

To secure one of the remaining three TeamWorks spots at SLSC, all four team members must complete their designated test by January 11, 2024. Individual scores will be averaged to determine a team score, and the top three team scores will earn the remaining three qualifying spots for SLSC. This online exam is open to all construction training programs, whether or not they participated in the AGC Skills Challenges. The last three qualifiers will be announced on January 12, 2024.

Wild Card Testing

In addition, all region contests will have an optional Wild Card testing component. The Wild Card exam is a SkillsUSA knowledge test (similar to the Professional Development test). The test scores will be used to fill slots that didn't fill due to lack of participation in other regions. In other words, taking this test could be your ticket to SLSC!  Students must be registered for Region Championships and competed in a hands-on event to qualify for Wild Card testing.

The Wild Card exam will be open on January 9 and 11.

Crime Scene Investigation

Update: There will NOT be a hands-on component this year at Region Championships. All registered teams will advance to the State Leadership and Skills Conference. Please see the official update from the contest chairperson here.

Video News Production

Prompt Release Date 

The Video News Production Project Prompt will be released on Wednesday, January 3. 

Submission Deadline

The Video News Production Project submission deadline is Friday, January 12 by 5:00 p.m. ​


State Leadership and Skills Conference

SLSC Lookup Tool

We are excited to announce that the 2024 State Leadership and Skills Conference Lookup Tool has been finalized! The Lookup Tool allows advisors and competitors to search for a competition via the dropdown menu. It provides quick information such as:

To access the Lookup Tool please click here. We hope that this resource allows you and your competitors to feel set up for success for the 2024 State Leadership and Skills Conference!

New & Updated National Events

The following national competitions have been updated:

  • Action Skills is now available for middle school participation

  • T-Shirt Design is now available for middle school participation

  • Facilithon Demo has been added as a new competition

  • Commercial sUAS Drone is now an in-person competition

State Officer Candidate Application

Do you have a student member who has interest in serving as a SkillsUSA Georgia State Officer? Encourage them to apply! The application deadline is January 12. Please click the button below to learn more.


Partner and Alumni Engagement 

Partner and Alumni Engagement is one of the six Program of Work categories. Students can receive unique insights into various industries and make invaluable connections. Consider inviting a business partner to a chapter meeting and asking them to speak to chapter members. Topics could include: 

  • How the business partner found their career path. 

  • What inspired them to pursue a career in this industry? 

  • What skills or tools do they use daily? 

  • What do they value in a potential employee? 

If the business partner has the capacity, you could also inquire if they would be willing to review and provide feedback on student members’ resumes. Or, the business partner could host a LinkedIn profile review, where they provide tips and tricks for creating an eye-catching LinkedIn profile. 

TIP: Refreshments are a great way to kick off special meetings where a guest speaker is invited. Students can also sign a thank you card as another sign of appreciation. 


Plan Now for SkillsUSA Week!

It’s not too early to begin planning your chapter activities for SkillsUSA Week, which will be celebrated Feb. 5-9, 2024, across SkillsUSA schools nationwide. Each day of the week is represented by suggested activities, including Recognition Day, Give-Back Day, Partner Day, Advocacy Day and SkillsUSA Day to wrap up the week. For all the details, visit the SkillsUSA Week webpage; a SkillsUSA Week chapter guide will be posted there soon. 


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