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State Leadership and Skills Conference

February 22 - 24, 2024 • Georgia World Congress Center • Atlanta, Ga

Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be live streamed at

Voting Delegates

SkillsUSA is a student-run organization, whereby student members are charged with the responsibility of governing the affairs associated with student constitutions. Schools are entitled to student voting delegates that will commensurate with their membership to represent the views of their chapter within the structure of the House of Delegates.   


Purpose of A State Voting Delegate: 

  • Represent your chapter

  • Elect state officers


Duties and Responsibilities:

The duties of the voting delegates are important to the operation of the organization. Most importantly voting delegates will need to attend the Voting Delegate Meeting on Friday of the State Leadership & Skills Conference. Final details will be released on the SkillsUSA Georgia website under the State Leadership and Skills Conference tab and will be available in the conference app. Other duties include: 

  • Enact bylaws, rules and regulations necessary for carrying out the affairs and activities of the organization

  • Elect officers of the organization

  • Act upon items of business as requested by the Executive Council and Board of Directors. 


Competitors are ineligible to serve as SkillsUSA Georgia Voting Delegates. 

Voting Delegate Details

Voting delegates from all across the state are invited to attend an afternoon of education centered around the voting process and what makes a great leader. This event culminates with the 2024 State Officer Election, the process that selects SkillsUSA Georgia’s top student leaders for the following school year. Voting Delegates must attend this session in order to cast their vote.


This session will be held Friday, February 23, 2024 check-in beginning at 1:00 p.m. Please ensure your voting delegates know the SkillsUSA Framework Components and Essential Elements. 


Students must be in SkillsUSA official dress with the red jacket or blazer being optional.

Each chapter is designated a certain number of voting delegates per the chapter’s membership. Any student from your chapter is eligible to participate. Registration for this event is required.

Screen Shot 2022-08-04 at 11.38.03 PM.png

Each chapter is required to register the correct number of voting delegates based on the current year’s chapter membership. Delegates should be indicated on the individual member’s registration page in the registration system.


State Officer Voting Process:

  • All voting delegates are required to participate in the Voting Delegate Meeting.

  • During the Voting Delegate Meeting, you will hear officer candidate speeches.

  • Voting for state officers is done by secret ballot. 

  • Results will be announced during the SLSC Awards Session.

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