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State Leadership and Skills Conference

February 22 - 24, 2024 • Georgia World Congress Center • Atlanta, Ga

Opening and Closing Ceremonies will be live streamed at

Policies and Procedures

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the below policies, as these will be operating policies of the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

Competition Registration Policy 

At SLSC, a student can compete in a written knowledge assessment, pre-submission, and SLSC live competition. A student cannot compete in two SLSC live competitions. 

If the student places first in two national competitions they will have to choose which one they would like to compete in. A competitor may not compete in more than one competition at NLSC. 

Late Registration Fee Policy

If an advisor registers anyone late for any SkillsUSA event, there will be a processing and handling fee of $20 per registrant. The state office will accept late registration for student observers and advisors until it is no longer able to do so (dates will vary depending on the conference planning process). SkillsUSA Georgia does not allow late registration for competitors under any circumstances.


Please help us by registering for all events on time!

Onsite Payment Fee Policy

If a chapter does not submit payment by the deadline, there will be an onsite payment fee of $50.00 per chapter. Please see all payment deadline dates in each conference information section and plan accordingly.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations are not allowed after the registration deadline. No refunds will be issued after the registration deadline. This is because we base purchasing items off our registration numbers. Immediately following the closure of registration SkillsUSA Georgia office begins planning conference logistics and purchasing items based on the closing registration numbers. The SkillsUSA Georgia office pushes registration deadlines back as far as possible for schools.

Adult to Student Ratio and Supervision Policy

SkillsUSA requires each school chapter to have one advisor or adult chaperone for every ten students. When participating in SkillsUSA events, there must be a school employee present for each school registered. SkillsUSA requires each school to have a male and female chaperone if traveling with both male and female students. A female advisor cannot travel without a male chaperone or advisor if traveling with all male students. A male advisor cannot travel without a female chaperone or advisor if traveling with all female students. If a male or female advisor from different schools are sharing the responsibility of supervising their male and female students, each advisor must submit a letter from their school principal or CTAE director. This letter must be on school letterhead, with the principal and/or CTAE director’s signature, stating that both schools agree to the shared responsibility of supervising male and female students. Each advisor must complete the form and submit their individual letter. The letters must be submitted by the registration deadline. The upload will be labeled as Student Supervision Verification Upload. Each conference will have a link to upload the Student Supervision Verification letter.

Housing Policy

Chapters must abide by hotel policies for each conference. This means that schools must stay at the conference hotel unless otherwise specified on the conference webpage. In order to commute to SLSC a school must be within 25 miles of the conference center. In order to be approved for commuting, the school principal must submit a letter to SkillsUSA Georgia indicating that the school is within the 25 mile radius and that the chapter will be commuting and not staying in another hotel property. No exceptions will be made for outside the 25 mile radius. Each chapter that is within the 25 mile radius must pay the $50 commuting fee.

Hotel Room Policy

SkillsUSA Georgia holds the Hotel Room Policies that all participants at a SkillsUSA event will abide by the following policies: 

  1. I will spend each night in the room of the hotel/motel to which I am assigned.

  2. I will strictly abide by the curfew established and shall respect the rights of others by being as quiet as possible after curfew.

  3. I will not enter any hotel room other than the one to which I am assigned. I understand that I am assigned a hotel room for the sole purpose of overnight accommodation.

  4. I will not leave the hotel/motel without the express permission of my advisor or state SkillsUSA director. Should I receive permission, I will leave a written notice of where I will be.

I agree that if, for any reason, I am in violation of any of the rules of the conference, I may be sent home at the expense of my school or myself.

SLSC Grievance Procedure

When handling a concern pertaining to career competitions, the person must remain polite, respectful, and professional at all times. The first step is to discuss the matter with the technical chair of the career competition. If the matter is not discussed politely, respectfully, and professionally, the person will be asked to leave the career competition site. 

If the concern is not reconciled with the technical chair of the career competition, a grievance should be filed. A predetermined grievance committee of at least three people will be established to rule on grievances prior to, during, and immediately following the contests. This committee will receive proposals, based only upon specific violations of rules, regulations or apparent errors in scores. You must cite the exact page number and section number of the rule(s) allegedly violated. The grievance committee will then interview appropriate individuals and gather documentation to make their decisions. A grievance must be filed within thirty minutes after the completion of the career competition. The SkillsUSA Grievance form is found here.

When an error in scoring is clearly documented at any time prior to the National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), the actual winner (the one with the highest documented score) will receive the appropriate state medal. If it is gold, he/she will represent the state at the national SkillsUSA Championships. This is not to imply that the student who thought he/she was the winner would be embarrassed in any way or that his/her medal would be taken away.

Proctoring Policy

Advisors, please ensure you submit all required documents for the proctor by the appropriate deadline. All deadlines, proctor form, and proctor form submissions, are located in the information provided under each conference where a proctor form is required. Please ensure students are under proctor supervision during the entirety of the testing. Violators are subject to disqualification. 

Dress Code Policy

Opening General Session: 

All attendees must wear either  SkillsUSA official attire or business professional dress. JEANS, JOGGERS, T-SHIRTS, OR LEGGINGS are not permitted.

Georgia Career Competition Clothing: 

Contestants must wear the approved SkillsUSA clothing or official contest clothing specified for their particular career competition or be subject to a penalty of up to 5% of the total points available. Each technical standard provides a picture of what is the approved contest clothing. The logo is not required to be on the clothing. However, if a competitor advances to the National Leadership and Skills Conference, they are required to have the SkillsUSA logo.

*The only exception is for “SkillsUSA official attire” as indicated for specific career competition. If a career competition specifies “SkillsUSA official attire” that refers to the following: 


For Men: Official blazer or jacket, black trousers with white dress shirt, plain black tie with no pattern (or official SkillsUSA black tie from:, black socks and black shoes.  


For Women: Official blazer or jacket, black slacks or knee-length skirt with businesslike white, collarless  blouse or white blouse with small, plain collar that may not extend onto the lapels of the blazer, black sheer or  skin-tone seamless hose and black dress shoes.  


Note: T-shirt-style tops are not approved. All personal jewelry should contribute to a businesslike appearance. Only official SkillsUSA jewelry is to be worn on a SkillsUSA blazer, jacket or sweater. Official jewelry is described as a conference pin, SkillsUSA  emblem, officer pin, President’s Volunteer Service Award pin, statesman pin (one only) and professional development pin (one only).

Breakout Sessions

All attendees must wear either  SkillsUSA official attire or business casual dress. JEANS, JOGGERS, T-SHIRTS, OR LEGGINGS are not permitted.professional dress. 

SkillsUSA Champions After Party:

SkillsUSA Georgia Conference t-shirt and jeans.

Awards Ceremony:

Contestants may wear the approved SkillsUSA clothing, official contest clothing specified for their particular career competition, or follow the dress code as follows. JEANS, JOGGERS, T-SHIRTS, NOR LEGGINGS are not permitted. Only professional clothing will be permitted. Anyone in jeans, joggers, leggings, and/or t-shirts will not be permitted on stage to accept their medallion. Only students will be allowed to go backstage to collect their medallion and/or prizes.

Awards Session for National Advancement Policy:

Attendance is required at the SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership & Skills Awards Ceremony. If first place winners are absent they will not advance to the National Leadership & Skills Conference. Please ensure your school has a representative present to accept medallions and/or prizes on stage at the SkillsUSA Georgia State Leadership & Skills Conference. If there is an emergency situation or special circumstance, you can submit a request to be reviewed by the SkillsUSA Georgia Board of Directors Executive Committee. The SkillsUSA Georgia Board of Directors Executive Committee will review the submitted request and vote to uphold or overturn the policy in that situation. An emergency or special circumstance does not include poor planning. Please submit the request by completing this form. This request must be submitted by 5:00 p.m. of the next business day following the State Leadership & Skills Conference Awards Ceremony.

SLSC Medallions/Awards Policy:

Attendance is required at the SkillsUSA Georgia Awards Ceremonies. SkillsUSA Georgia holds the policy that no medallions or prizes will be mailed in the event of an absent winner at SkillsUSA Georgia Awards Ceremonies. Please ensure your school has a representative present to accept medallions and/or prizes on stage at the SkillsUSA Georgia Awards Ceremonies. This policy applies to all events where awards are given. No certificates, lapel pins, plaques, medallions, etc. will be mailed, delivered, or picked up.

Rectifying Wrong Winners

Please review the document below around SkillsUSA Georgia's process of rectifying wrong winners after the State Leadership and Skills Conference.

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